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-flusha wrong move
he likes to carry long rifle ...if you know what i mean *winkyface*
-flusha wrong move
jw is inconsistent since 2015 and the last couple of years he is a deadweight in his team but he has close relationship with the CEO of fnatic org so sadly they will never kick jw unless he retires
what a godsent to have anders and semmler back casting even online games be greatful you ungreatful bums otherwise we will lose every caster to valulrant
gla1ve why is he pointing out that "they really did everything to win" no one said they did not hmmm rfrsh and blastralis might be playing some 4...
now what
you are just jealous because your girlfriend you will get in 30 years will look like kartoffel :)
i agree. lets they astralis get the order to play "less good" ....device, glaive, dupreeh, magisk ...xyp9x is the only one who wont get destroyed on social for playing bad just saying #iloveblast
ence paid actors PepeLaugh
RFRSH killed Astralis
you wont hear me ever saying anyithing bad about rfrsh. I love rfrsh and anything they are connected with they realy change the landscape of esports in a great rfrshing way :) and the rumors that the...
IEM Sydney
yeeees faze adren fokin hell ...not liquid adren Adren =/= Adren
IEM Sydney
i heard it on BTN ...i think adren was missing at blast pro. my brain thought he was missing at sydney somehow
Will s1mple EVER leave navi?
he wont leave until zeus retires ...even then he might stay with navi and they bring in a new igl
IEM Sydney
will liquid have adren their? ive heard that he coulnt come to sydney?