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UK logic
butterfield... maybe they have butterfields in UK i dont know. Maybe they have a butterfieldmower?
Germans come here
expected toxic germans
dennis new team
-felps +friberg
old man
THREAT to fnatic
but u know that THREAT played in 2010 for fnatic right?
THREAT to fnatic
i dont know if jumpy has a lot of impact on gameplay/strats i thought he was more of a cheerleader type of coach
Is this alowed?
yes the inears are the personal gear of each player to solve the problem that the inears hurt or not fitting ...coldzera still needs to put them out and back in every 20 minutes
Is this alowed?
Inears canceling noise aswell as these headsets so double voice/noise canceling. I still think they should use a voice canceling booth as they did in the previous major
Is this alowed?
thats actualy true he does it a lot in all matches especially on ct side
swedes help cant translate this
ty u guys translate said "u played so badly - were really close" Lost all respect for get right for a second :D
SK throwing
sk throwing for dem tasty csgolounge skins ....Ezskins
FNATIC cant win!
Sk: Fer, fallen, cold ...only 1 of them need a good day its done fnatic: JW, flusha, Krimz, Lekro ...they need 3 of them having a good day to win
Self Motivation
There is a way to find motivation even in the hardest moments in life. Set goals rly rly small goals. The goals can be today i am going to go out of the house and visit my grandparents or today i am g...
nothing to laugh about just an amazing game no matter who won best game to end 2017
-HenryG +Anyone else
i agree ...-HankG + vendetta