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sk disband when?
FaZe vs fnatic
faze up 4Head faze up 4Head faze up 4Head
FaZe vs fnatic
too easy nobody can stop flushagod
NiP vs FaZe
million dollar puggers cant beat tier 2 swedish bots + their 1.6 dads smh
NiP vs FaZe
been holding in that shit for the past 4 games ty mr karrigan
Astralis vs FaZe
faze down lmfao
Cloud9 vs Astralis
lose 2-0 to fnatic online, beat fnatic 2-0 on lan sk losing on lan to heroic, g2, north, liquid(twice) nt
Cloud9 vs Astralis
Stewie2k killed Kjaerbye with ak47 tarik killed gla1ve with ak47 tarik killed dev1ce with ak47 autimatic killed dupreeh with ak47 *DEAD*(Counter-Terrorist) gla1ve : clutch or kick
Cloud9 vs Astralis
then astralis beat them 2-0. calm down :>
Cloud9 vs Astralis SK consistently losing to tier 2-3 NA teams. Astralis consistently beating tier 1 EU teams. Hungarian talking shit, but ...
Cloud9 vs Astralis
Astralis is awful right now, but still not as bad as SK.
Cloud9 vs Astralis
I wonder how many semi finals Astralis has gotten to becomes of him. They consistently make stupid decisions leaving him to clutch and he manages to do it. He should easily be the highest salaried pla...
Cloud9 vs Astralis
Astralis might as well sign Xyp9x another 3 years. Single handedly carries them out of so many situations.
Japaleno vs
VP dead. Can't kick old men because nobody in polak cs is good enough to fill spots. C U IN ESEA MAIN
SK vs Ghost
We have so much food in america we can get fat. What's it like dying from not enough bananas in the jungle?