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Poland vs Denmark
EBATTLE AND LOUNGE dont want to play so rip poorland
Ex6TenZ ruining careers
bs, kennys was always shit, he was good on the beggining because of others werent sourcers like him. now everyone has catched up, some patches and we see he has no chance against ex 1.6 funny thing s...
Ex6TenZ ruining careers
they won dhs carried by KQLY :D
Ex6TenZ ruining careers
coach would be igl
Liquid will become better than C9
lol? liquid>fnatic , check history also the whole top15>fnatic so it is not a big deal even pasha>fnatic
Liquid will become better than C9
i like freak but -freak +elige so c9 would be half polish then so finally potential for top3 world
Ex6TenZ ruining careers
or come to c9 and sgares to coach
Rapes in Swedistan
So tolerant. Im so happy. They did not fight nazis nor stalin so now they can enjoy being raped by 3rd world muslims.
Envy vs TSM
I was right kennys will never win anything relevant. he is just too dumb. similar case for apex but like pasha shows entrys can be dumb
They started it by supporting Stalin in 40's. It is time to pay the prize.
Romania vs Poland
Ofc "new generation" of polish players cant do shit without NEO leading and his 30 bomb
need polish translation
3rd guy: byali
no, we will do nothing like you did nothing in 40s
Romania vs Poland
nothing on their fanpages and how the fuck neo is playng now from greece?
ugly, no wonder fnatic lol she posted a photo with jw https://instagram.com/p/4RgaLckQkI/?taken-by=mayaducasse