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Astralis vs FaZe
Stream doens´t work, number 1...
North vs Space Soldiers
North loses all 4 games in a row? First time i bet on a danish team and lose everything. Bye E-Sports!
North vs Space Soldiers
North really lose this game, too? 0/4 matches won today and not qualified for the lan? I can´t believe that.
Liquid vs FaZe
The performence of Faze was really amazing so far. I really hope that this match will be still an exciting one...
Liquid vs FaZe
made my day :DDD
SK vs Liquid
Because it´s cs go and the underdog often leads. Still the favourite wins in the end
SK vs Liquid
This is called cleverness... surely people like you don´t know this word
SK vs Liquid
Thx Bet 365 for the cash-out-function. Expected lose for Liquid after starting 1. map very well.
SK vs Liquid
Ahahaha... another Fake Comeback for SK... last time it was Mousesports and now Liquid... rigged E-Sports!
SK vs mousesports
Man... SK had a quote at about 11,0 with the score of 5:14 --> Mouz throw the game to win 11.000 € with a placement of 1.000 €. It´s just bullshit that a top team loses a game after 14:5 lead.
SK vs mousesports
insane comeback? :DDDDD This is just a rigged game. Maybe you should learn how Esports works
SK vs mousesports
There never was a win for Mouz my friend. Just rigged game and fake comeback. Welcome to Esports
SK vs mousesports
Come down... Mouz will throw this game. Fake comeback for SK incoming
G2 vs North
6 zu 1.100? :D Weißt schon, dass du damit unzählige Wetten in Folge gewonnen haben müsstest oder Wetten gewonnen haben würdest, die Quoten von 4 und höher sind?! ;-)
Gambit vs North
Gambit losing 3 times 5 vs 2... really earned lose on 1. map. Unbelieveable how Pro´s like this are able to lose such rounds.