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Trump or Hilary???
Crazy ideas such as taking in millions of refugees without sufficient information on their background. I'm aware of the strenuous process that they have to go through to get into the USA, the problem ...
Trump or Hilary???
Ad hominem after ad hominem. Hillary proposes some really crazy ideas, all which can get passed, considering Hillary's past corrupt actions and the influence that she already has. She plans to let in ...
Trump or Hilary???
The point I was trying to make is that this lesser of two evils argument goes both ways, and it is retarded. Focus on policy, something which they both struggle with immensely. Hillary's policies will...
Clinton or Trump?
Gary Johnson is an absolute moron, so is Jill Stein. I am a libertarian
Trump or Hilary???
Lesser of two evils vote definitely goes to Trump in my books. Can't take your chances on a lying, corrupt robot with the emotional morality of a sociopath and a terrible rapport with foreign leadersh...
Hillary sending hand signals to debate moderator Holt
Trump fucking blows Hillary blows more, and is a corrupt ice witch who will actually damage this country far more than Trump will. Some of Trump's controversial policies will definitely not get ...
I'm not saying that people can't have children if they don't want to. I'm saying that if you have a child and are in a financial struggle, it's your own fault. You shouldn't expect the government to...
This is where the winners and losers come into play. You and I both agree that every society has winners and losers. The situations that you're saying are most definitely in that category of losers....
All I'm saying is that people should earn what they're worth and not rely on the government to give them things that they don't deserve. The whole point of America is to work your way up the ladder, ...
You should "win" as much as what you're worth. If you work at McDonalds, you obviously don't deserve a lot of money. There are going to be losers in every economic society, it's not something that c...
It enables people to be lazy slobs, and hard working Americans shouldn't be paying for these people to sit on their ass. Go out and take advantage of Capitalism.
Good. Fuck the Food Stamp President. Can't wait till he's out
Patriotic Songs?
I hate liberals
Trump or Clinton?