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Homework Help / Free Speech
Theres lots of freedoms, different places have different ones, some countries have nearly none. USA have a right to bear arms, its a freedom Most countries have freedom of religion EU member states h...
food delivery during coronga
No reported cases of COVID-19 have been linked to contamination of food. The main risk of transmission is from close contact with infected people. If you're worried put your food in the oven for 10 m...
Your hours past 2 weeks during quarantine?
None, haven't played CS in about 6 months, i still watch it though
Youre right mate, it's a tragedy and sickening that anyone makes fun of the any death or the situations surrounding it, let alone a baby, this crisis has brought the worst and best out of people, we c...
Countries with paid sick days
UKs sick pay is garbage too
Countries with paid sick days
You asked did we notice something lol What should we be noticing?
Countries with paid sick days
What are we meant to be seeing?
Trump corona
The way it should be!!
Trump corona
Most states are in lock down and have been for 1-2 weeks, not as locked down as India mind. https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2020/03/emergencies-closures-states-handling-coronavirus-200317213356419.htm...
Boris got Corona
Yeah he's just a prime minister running a nation, not important at all.
is it safe to order food?
That's very good advice, i haven't ordered any take away food in a couple of weeks, i would love a pizza though lol
USA now leading on Corona
time stamped a bit where we explained what he means when practicing going back to work, he spoke about it a few times. watch up to 51:14 https://youtu.be/DBgdxv9WQ_k?t=3021 Dont get me wrong i think ...
USA now leading on Corona
He doesn't want to just "Open the country" watch his conference from last night.
u know corona guy?
I knew a lady that sadly died, she was a friend of my mums. I know 1 other that has tested positive, i would probably know more if the UK would actually do more testing, i know of a few that have symp...
how many case in your city ?
In my City 1, in my country now 4, two more cases today - Northern Ireland The latest one, very sad, this woman contracted the disease while in hospital for something else https://www.bbc.co.uk/news...