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shoxie excuses xD
yes kick the igl and keep your fucking boyfriend schitzz most boosted cs player in history and then blame it on your hands xDD
AZK joins Liquid
I will personally email my e-sport manager friends at blizzard and let them know azk is banned from csgo for match fixing and they should not let him play in any blizzard tournaments aswell
ex6 got backstabbed
light a candle [*] sad for him he didnt even know it himself 4 days ago meanwhile smitthzz tier 8 awper is still in the team
I won 20 dollars lmao
gz you won 20 dollar, your life must be complete now
koosta at major situation
m0e will play for liquid at the mlg qual and possible the major if they manage to qual, at first they wanted to go for allu but no work because allu will play for ence.
Reason NIP will win
friberg is busy making pizza meanwhile rest of nip is praccing xD
-kio +shox
actually not because they won 4 out of 4 lans with dennis xD but nt
-kio +shox
nV already beated fnatic 2 times at the recent LANs 2x bo3 4-0 in maps. Their problem is reaching the finals
ye stop inviting fnatic do like blizzard did with starcraft 2, have 1 tournament for koreans only and 1 tournament for rest of the world because korean so superior.
DenDD vs PixelFire
hahaha how they not win that round wow
swedish peeps attacking refugees :( :(
funny it was actually polaks who did it hahah even they try to defend the country from muslim invansion now
Most Boring map?
dust 2 because played it for 10 years already exact same version without changes
Cheating in pro scene
probably dont, people steal and murder without feeling bad about it. alot of people dont care at all for others, thats just the world in general.
Cheating in pro scene
Its the same as in any real sport with doping/steroids etc, they do it because they want advantage and be number 1 even if it means cheating.
Cheating in pro scene
nt girl nobody cares