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There is no such thing as "THE" holocaust. There are plenty of holocausts in human history. It is just another word for a genocide. Stealing the word for this event only is exactly what Jewish prop...
Why Chinese eat dogs ?
Eating dogs is nothing when you find out what other fucked up things they do in their kitchens.
these are the same things
r8 my new shoes
f0rest richest cs player of history
Whether you like it or not when he does a stream everybody shows up and the money bell never stops.
Your penis size??
The metrology guy :D
pasha rekted hen1
Who's this guy?
pasha rekted hen1
That's actually true. I bet it comes with free worldwide shipping
I know at least 3 Polish people who travelled to USA as tourists. It's probably harder to visit Belarus than USA.
Makes barely any difference. The cost of such visa is 10% of what the flight cost. Rarely anybody is denied. However it would be definitely less hassle if you could fly spontaneously.
Their media is lying about what's happening on their own yard. Lying about other countries they do on the fly. Who's gonna verify that anyway, right?
[+18] NSFW
the spinning train dude was cool
>Man >Under 180cm
Eat cheese, drink milk, it's not too late. My bones stopped growing at the age of 18.
your car?
I almost bought one this year. The day I was going to see it and drive it the seller called me saying it puked all the oil on his driveway and we have to reschedule. I never went to see it again :) Co...
your car?
I am not doing that for audio mate. I want to cut off the low frequency noise from my straight pipe exhaust and road noise from the rear wheels. I did the roof already and it helped a lot with the ech...