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I do know it aswell ^_^
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4Hh2G_Ygh8 M.I.K.E Push - Strange world https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ET1-6Bef9xU Chicane - Saltwater also if you like some vocals and chill trance like your exampl...
$300 in skins
betting with _skins_ LUL can't help you. so far I've won every year low 4figures, though. (3 years in a row)
Black Lives Matter
slightly lower IQ people find this kind of shit movements. I know it's pretty old to say "low IQ", but think about it. often they are sad, bitter and pretty simple people. rarely they are successful, ...
Girl only like rich guys?
ofc it varies, but I've done some rl research about this. what I got as an answer was, that generally it's not the top priority, but it sure has clear impact. this is of course just my small, about 20...
GoT yes or no?
there's so much characters in the beginning so it might get a bit confusing first, but when getting into it, it's so goooood.
Is Finland nice?
pretty expensive if you aren't a student, but I really like it here. what I've witnessed it's pretty safe. I don't have any problems walking around around Tampere at night whenever. there has been one...
allu! =(
allu doesn't want to leave europe, so I highly doubt he'd go for optic, ever.
Perfect female?
im around 182. perfect would be...I don't really care.
-ALLU +guardian /Discuss
guardian was very good...last time 2 years ago.
Is Allu actually good
many people rate awpers only how flashy they are. allu is rarely flashy. tbh he's pretty consistent. good enough for faze? yes. there's no better picks on the market atm. only player I could see allu ...
Leftism = cultural suicide
I thought myself being liberal, but I hadn't given enough thought to it. I don't understand why would you say I have to think for myself. That's exactly what I'm doing unlike many people. I haven't ke...
Leftism = cultural suicide
I stopped defining myself as liberal the first second I noticed what it means these days. Now I see myself very clearly as conservative, but I'm also strongly against most religions...even when im an ...
Should GuardiaN replace Allu?
absolutely not.
angel to navi
when navi dropped from the major, this was the first thing I thought as likely possibility. it'd be a good pick.