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being real?
Yeah that's why I stay at home if I can.
Astralis major run so far
Hmm but don't you think that is a bit random? I'll give you an example: C9 beat MIBR 16-3 on inferno right? And AST won vs Complexity 16-4 or 16-6 on Nuke. If we took into account your "seeding" you w...
Astralis major run so far
I am not sure I got it. By RD what do you mean exactly, round difference?
Astralis major run so far
That is true but what would be your solution to this? Also, the principle behind this is: if a team is so good that can consistently upset, then it is for real a good team.
G2 > MiBR
Ah then sorry man, I misinterpreted the Caps lock. You never know here on HLTV, most of the time people are butthurt so assuming you were didn't seem so wrong. True about ikea.
Astralis major run so far
From what BIG showed, Ast vs BIG would not be competitive at all. Also now they'll have to play Renegades which has showed to be a fairly good team.
G2 > MiBR
Jesus christ man it was just to make a fucking joke. Why do you have to be so fucking butthurt.
G2 > MiBR
Says machine washed hot Italy. (Sweden could be LIDL Denmark).
G2 > MiBR
It's because when they win their fanbase becomes unbearable.
Astralis major run so far
+1 Also renegades are playing very well so credits to them. Is their run a fluke? They will have to prove it, a BO3 against astralis is a good test.
Astralis major run so far
Now explain to me why would you want a super hyped game in the group stage between two teams that could battle in semis or finals. It doesn't make sense. TOs must SAVE hyped matches for later parts of...
Elige going bald?
I mean...not only women tho, and not all of them of course. But yes, there are some people that are just what you described.
+1 rotfl
BIG vs G2
This match is seriously TILTING. I don't know which is the worse team on this map. Jesus christ. Big going out on A site and NOT FUCKING CHECKING NINJA are you kidding me dlkgfjsdlkgjezsoijgflksdglgjn...
G2 veto
Yeah this is like MM level shit. They make G2 look like a decent team on this map...