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I know some stuff about medicine and computer hardware and I play rugby.
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LDLC vs Epsilon
Tack så mycket!
LDLC vs Epsilon
What is kio doing here?
G2 vs mousesports
Bodyy had 200 ms and still managed to do better than the other two...
Waterboys vs Spirit
So if waterboys win this they will be in Chicago?
“Free” University
“Free” University
That's utter bs. Do you have any idea how much it costs for example a medical education in the US? And how the young MDs are forced to choose surgical training after graduating because it's the only w...
KennyS Options
Still better than smithz and bodyy tho.
KennyS Options
Neither does snax.
rotfl he just signed the new contract. Ocelote what tf did you do.
What to upgrade?
+1 Wait until you can change everything (mobo, ram and cpu). Also doing this is cheaper than upgrading the gpu since it's the most expensive piece there is.
If shox
Imagine if he beat vitality and actually signed the supposedly "vitality" roster... He has apex and NBK and would only need to buy zywoo (rpk and happy free agents)...
If shox
Although I don't think he can do it for much longer, I mean I hope ocelote is no fool. He's already not satisfied, his teams are top teams, not t2 teams.
If shox
+1 But I'm starting to think that shox doesn't care about winning. Only wants to play with "friends".
Honestly they deserve it. It's all shox's fault, if he wanted to stop leading he could have just brought ex6 instead of bodyy and kept nbk and apex.
I don't like sex AMA
Well I guess it's not that bad, find yourself a girlfriend who doesn't like penetration that much (many girls don't like it that much) and that prefers doing bjs and being eaten.