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I know some stuff about medicine and computer hardware and I play rugby.
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Sweden come here
Ahah it's fine.
kNg Apologizes
1 year later? rotfl
Ty Valve
Yep, I hope it'll get better.
Ty Valve
I like that they updated the game but the BR mode is boring and not entertaining (too few bullets, too few guns, takes too much time to get guns).
fps in battle royale
Normally 300, BR 180 .
Sweden come here
Ahahah no man what a fail, I thought that you got it and played along!
"girls don't care about muscles"
Yeh, well muscles are good but not too much. Also a brain is much more important.
http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1sqnscb There you go mate. It's a twitlonger written by ex6.
3DMAX vs Virtus.pro
Come on 3DMAX!!
And honestly the mouz guys were the only ones that thought that it was a good idea to remove styko to get snax.
pimp eurocentric cunt
Cause shark is a lower tier team and north are supposed to outclass them 9 times out of 10. Shark had a good game but it was north's game to throw in all honesty.
SSD 860 EVO is good?
Modern games don't take advantage of a i7 cpu. The next gen is going to but I'm not so sure that it's worth spending money on a i7 rn, because the 4790k is gonna be very old at that point (when games ...
MSL was the problem?
DH Stockholm was perhaps a fluke (MSL was topfragging and carrying with the awp, I mean how unrealistic was that??). They bombed out of the major and kicked msl after that. But yeh, changing MSL didn'...
MSL was the problem?
Being a north fan must be very difficult. Probably as much as being a french scene fan.