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Astralis vs mousesports
B8 m8
What phone do I buy?
I bought the oneplus 3t, and I think it's quite good for the money. I would recommend the oneplus 5 It compares to the newest phones while it has a lower price. If I had all the money in the world I ...
This was a great show and all, but now he has to go back to mma. He shouldn't stay in boxing, that's just retarded if he does
best way to make profit in csgo?
Go pro
is it worth to try esea?
I bought it for a couple of months, and my play got so much better. I was le, but playing with supreme/globals on esea. When I tried MM again, I rekted them, left right and center. I mew few toxic ppl...
Rising Stars in 2017
Valde is up there, sadly he ain't on a team.. Hopefully, he'll get picked up by a decent team soon :)
Karate Kyokushinkai
I've been doing ashihara, which is closely related to kyokushin, and I can say I enjoy it very much. However, you shouldn't be doing it to learn self defense. A dojo fight is very much different from ...
Most hated team?
Who's a dick head in astralis?
Faze lineups
Well, if anyone was to be cut, Taz would be a candidate. And g2 haven't performed that well yet
Faze lineups
They don't need Olof. They need consistency
Faze lineups
It's more realistic to get Taz and shox over xyp i think
Faze lineups
I think it was a dumb move adding guardian, and he's hit or miss, while allu is consisting..
Faze lineups
Astralis. Now you got a dream lineup right there
Faze lineups
Because they don't need stars. Faze needs something with experience I think. Although they do have experience, the members haven't been at the top tier for a decade, which tax almost has i belive
Faze lineups
I was dreaming of the sexyness possessed på shox