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antifa terrorists planning .
Nothing in his post implied he approved of the protest/(most likely) riot.
You lead a sad life then.
+1 Haci's an annoying, immature retard who mostly has fans with the mental age of 10 year olds.
Terrorist identified (Spain)
must be a white supremacist
s1mple ruined NaVi
so you don't have an argument then, and you seemed to click the button twice in your fit of rage hating on s1mple before posting your comment. take a break you spastic
s1mple ruined NaVi
having been 'hot-tempered and explosive' doesn't mean much considering that you missed the part before (coveniently so since you seem like a rabid frothing s1mple hater) where whoever that guy is says...
s1mple ruined NaVi
fined for what?
s1mple ruined NaVi
he didn't join Na'Vi until last year you moron. stop making up bullshit.
s1mple ruined NaVi
fair enough, I'm just backing your argument up since it's trendy to call s1mple toxic. most people are still living in 2015 it seems
s1mple ruined NaVi
it's hardly s1mple's fault when one of your players doesn't open the fucking game for a year and behaves in an unprofessional manner towards his teammates
s1mple ruined NaVi
+1 kids like s1mple becose he rage is "fun" xd
750k watching final
So you're admitting that you're not using your brain? At least you're honest.
750k watching final
OR you could use your brain and think that the reason why this major final doesn't have over a million viewers is because none of the teams are particularly loved by the general community like the ELE...
polish crowd
name checks out
Astralis psychology
is she dating with someone or just doing psychology? :D