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Men, i plei very good game/ im 4 star global but i play like global elite i only not best rank because my team always are good not.
I have the meny frends
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World of Tanks
What did they change? I only go there once a month to redeem twitch prime loot.
how to pass no nut november 100% working
DOnt trust this man. Mine just got bigger.
MM smoke bug
Its seems like for people with gtx 1080 no smokes, molotovs, blood show up. Like when smoke is thrown there is nothing there untill they run in the smoke then it shows up. I have R9 390 and i see smo...
Good gaming chair <200€
Just go to the nearest cheap/mid-priced furniture store and test out a few chairs and pick the one which you like the most. They usually have desk chairs that look like "gaming chairs" too if that is ...
memes? ive yet to see a meme in his vid. Shit content for normie kids. I laughed at the s1mple's video tho.
Did you build your PC?
building pyramids is more impressive
most famous guy in ur nation
Cloud vs Cloud II
Should be. If its not slightly better then its pretty much the same headset with a shittier mic
Cloud vs Cloud II
Cloud cuz cheaper + better mic than Cloud II. Sound quality pretty much the same(obviously cloud 2 slightly better)
It's not the inventions. He is probably right and Muslims did invent these things. But just look at what he is doing. He knows that all things said about Muslims are true. Other people know that as we...
Stop oppressing everyone with your stupid opinions about Muslims. Nobody cares. You are no better that SJW's or modern feminists. You think you are right and everybody else is wrong and everybody shou...
fashion is for gays
The truth about declining birthrates.
NOICE not nice
gym shape
71 kg is still skinny tho. unless ur 1,50 cm
Streamin in YT
Normal people. Only plebs dont do their hair, or do it by putting their head into a bucked of hairgel.