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What year did you start your Counter Strike Career?
I don't and never had a carreer. I never went for it, CS has always beeb a source of fun for me, where I take matches seriously, not just fool around. The year I first played CS was 2001, version was...
Smart People What Car is this?
Yeah, it's a Corvette Stingray for sure.
what does your nickname mean
Kinda close, but no. Because Kenny is the name of the guy, and mine is Nori (well, it's Nora). But my "Z" doesn't come from my last name like in the case of kennyS. "Z" is the first letter of a certai...
what does your nickname mean
Pick 'Em progress?
Two picks so far, Grayhound and NRG. I have C9, ENCE, G2, NiP, TYLOO and Vitality. Gonna be a close one.
How to get autograph stickers?
You go to Steam Market, search for the sticker and buy it. The normal one costs about $9.
Best GTA game?
Man of culture.
S1mple VS Dev1ce (STRAWPOLL)
Dev1ce is a really good player, obviously, and on top of that he has a really good team behind him. I'm not only talking about the other 4 people in the team, but also about the "behind-the-scenes" st...
selling steam account level 42 5years old
Rap is shit
Cheating in school
One of my teachers told this story: The class was writing a test (physics) and the teacher saw 3 people cheating. After the test he told them that he saw SOME people cheating and if they stand up, th...
foods you hate most
How about chicken legs? :D Loved that too, but today ... bleah. Yeah, I got picky I guess :D
foods you hate most
In some countries when people cut a pig at home, they get to eat the pig's ear, tail and skin. Not raw of course. When I was a kid I loved chewing on it. Now not so much.
180 cm at almost 15
My father os 203cm My mother is 175cm I remember I was 175cm at 12, then I became 193cm (also, I'm a female). My brother, who is younger than me, is 200cm. So, I would guess yes.
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