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1. Eminem 2. Slim Shady 3. Marshall Mathers 4. B. Rabbit 5. The white guy from D12
No, it won't.
is 1.85m (6'1) small in Scandinavian for men ??????
As a 193cm (6'4") tall girl, I say yes :P
florida shootings
19, which is 1 more than the number of school shootings in the US in 2018. CRAZY.
Are there girls in CS:GO?
Or maybe you just didn't realize them, because they sound like 12-year-old boys :D *based on real-life events*
GameAgents vs SinnerS
Don't even bother. Brainless kids do this all the time. They don't have independent thoughts, so they just go with this meme without realizing how ridiculous they are. Btw, looks like this (and 2 othe...
Weird questions! [PROB +18]
CS Legends per region
I agree with you. He has a huge potential and might have a bright future ahead of him and can be legendary. But at this moment we just can't state that he IS a legend. We'll see it in 15 years.
CS Legends per region
How can we call a 15-year-old person a legend?
FaZe vs Renegades
Not sure if you are trolling or not, but I'll let you all know that the whole tournament is offline. From the group stage to the finals.
Reason u started playing counter strike?
There was a place where I lived, where people could play games and use the internet. One day one of my classmates brought me there. That was the first time I saw CS. Some "big" guys were playing and I...
4 day 0 drop
If you take a look at the odds, you shouldn't really complain if you didn't get any drops during 4 full majors. 4 days.... lol
Can i play PUBG with this hardware?
Good good :D
Can i play PUBG with this hardware?
I don't think so. Not even on the lowest settings. There is a website, called Game Debate, where you can find out if your PC is strong enough for games. You choose the game first, then you choose you...
Steam account giveaway
You know that it is against Steam rules, right?