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I am a 28-year-old Hungarian amateur CS player, currently living in the USA.

Early years...
First time I met CS the year was 2001 and the version was 1.3. Later I played 1.5, 1.6 and Condition Zero as well, all of them offline only.

The golden age...
In 2011 I started to play CS: Source. In August a Hungarian clan, called {ExIT}, told me that they would like to make a full female team, and they want me to be one of their members. I happily accepted the spot, because I have always loved competing. Unfortunately the project did not go very far: we struggled to maintain the team, so they decided to give up on it. A couple of months later I left {ExIT}.
Later that year Ultra Ribanc Clan (team.URC) offered me to join them and I did. The best description of the team would be "a friendship-based community, that's members like CS games". We played tons and tons of matches against other clans, which I loved. We had our ups and downs, but I could say I found a good home in this team.

The dark age - on and off...
CS:GO has come out and slowly we adapted the the new CS. Well, at least some of the team. There were members, who did not want to and some, who could not. I belonged to the "could not" group. Why? I had an old laptop with integrated graphics. That machine produced literally 15-20 fps on old Dust II. In the end, in January 2017 I let myself be tempted. The result was of course a low low low rank. At the end of April I finally could start to play on a decent PC and it was heaven. But mid January of 2018 due to personal issues I was forced to stop playing. Finally, early June I got back in business.

All in all, I am not a famous player, not a LAN player and to be honest not even a very good player. I have always loved playing CS, because I love competing, but I did I just for fun.
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1. Siemens A40 (late 2002 - mid 2003) 2. Nokia 3410 (mid 2003 - late 2004) 3. Nokia 3100 (late 2004 - mid 2006) 4. Alcatel OT 556 ( mid 2006 - late 2006) 5. Nokia 3220 (late 2006 - early 2008) 6. Sony...
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Oh, right. One tiny thing I forgot to mention :D d2
A team-based game is about team play? SHOCKING! Don't even get me started of the "'not very skilled players'' statement of yours. You're a strange person.
Your Souvenir Drops?
After 2 years I got one this time. It was dropped during the Preliminary Stage match between OpTic Gaming and BIG, and autographed by Johannes Maget (nex) who was the most valuable player in that roun...
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Thumb button on the mouse.
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Yeah, CS:GO is rather CPU-hungry.
CPU: i7-8700 GPU: GTX 1060 6GB Settings: high Resolution: 1920x1080 Always 300+ (I actually use fps_max 300, so I'm not sure about the real highs)
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