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I don't car
If you need to travel far and a lot you should get one. Else just bike or use free OV
Biggus Dickus
Ever heard of DeepL?
Atlanta fantasy
Nah, it's literally impossible to pick when every player except from Heroic and Cr4zy are 200k each.
I guess your MM rank
Favorite player: Rain Favorite team: Faze Favorite weapon: AK-47 Favorite MMORPG: RuneScape Favorite music genre: Electro Swing Favorite food: Homemade Lasagna Favorite drink: Monster Energy Mango Loc...
1 wish
Living life without having to go to work or school
Netherlands is f*cked
Don't forget that our livestock doesn't just feed our people. We export a lot of it so other countries don't need to have as much livestock.
Netherlands is f*cked
People are getting angry about 30km? Our country from top north to bottom south is about 350km which will save you around 30-40minutes if you were to drive that. In time for MOST people it won't make...
Nah EG will win it to get some easy points for their ranking
You can get a good body when you're fat, even when you're skinny. A face is your face, unless you want a ton of make-up (which is a turn-off by me) or a facelift, you're fucked.
FaZe Top 3
I hope Denmark rebuilds every road in Denmark with lego so you step on lego every single day for the rest of your life
Shit happens ¯\_(o_o)_/¯
Faze not tier 1
Getting lucky twice in a bo3? Might as well buy lottery tickets
They still won 2 bo3's vs current #1 (which should be #2) so they got that going for them, which is nice
faze flairs
It's nothing new. The better they look the harder and sooner they're going to lose like this. I've been a fan since the beginning, trust me I know.