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HenryG is overrated. He has some good info some times but hes not entertaining whatsoever. His casting is annoying and he gives useless info, is biased or says that games are done at 5-0 or something.
Dual monitors
I used to run dual monitors. Then I needed a laptop for school and started using that more because it was better than my pc. Now I got a better pc again but stuck with using 1 monitor, my new pc also ...
HenryG biased?
Hes simply not a good caster and I don't know why people like him so much.
Lewis Hamilton too strong!!!
Hopefully Red Bull will knock Mercedes off the throne this or next year with Honda
Thank god for no overtime.
best car for 20 000e
Honda Civic Type R
How many time until Valde join FaZe?
your dream job
Game designer at Jagex working on Runescape.
I used to buy alot of Razer stuff. My mouse is a Deathadder 2014 edition and still works, same for the blackwidow keyboard. I went through 3 headsets though in 4 years so I decided to buy some good pa...
Just as bad as Faze apperantly.
If you've watched Eleague before you know that they start the show at the time what HLTV says and a half hour later the match will start.
teams slogans
Liquid: Pretty good but still not solid
What will Trump be known for ?
Being in the news every single day.
Faze 5th
Faze Peanutbrain
faze plastic fans
What are we supposed to do? Tell ourselves they're still as good as the end of 2017/start of 2018? They have been sucking so much since Olof came back there is no denying it.