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Anime = cartoons
yea only fewer than 20 centuries are allowed to watch it
Fluent: English Well: French Burger education in action
Most famous living person?
Easily Donald Trump.
ViCi vs VG.Renascence
really activates the old almonds
coldzera definitely still number 1. putting up absurd stats consistently
Top 20 players 2016: 8th
Snax will be #8
Top 20 players 2016: 9th
ScreaM will be #9
Top 20 players 2016: 10th
#10 will be flusha
Larger groups = lower chance of group of death and higher chance of best teams making playoffs This isn't complex. What makes you think smaller groups are in any way better?
Are you fucking high? You clearly have no clue how a Swiss format works. There's 4 pools just like before, and legends/challengers are seeded accordingly so that legends will get more favorable ini...
How many languages do you speak ?
English 10/10 French 5/10
post ur steam profile picture ill guess ur rank
HLTV rankings
We aren't ranking the teams over the entire year. Recent LANs only takes into account 3 months and Form only takes into account 1 month. Please learn how the ranking works
HLTV rankings
Name one bad thing I said in that comment. If you can't find the point I'm making then god help you. And your inconsistency in how you treat results is mind blowing. Why do SK's two top 4's count f...
HLTV rankings
"If the tournament isn't insanely stacked and if they don't place top 1 then it doesn't count, except for when it's the team I'm talking about where high placings count even if they don't win" Yea ...