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RMR standings breakdown: Where teams need to place to qualify for the Major
They did lose points for it already and their updated total is what is shown: COL won 700 pts from Flashspoint S3, then replacing both RUSH and k0nfig made them lose 40% of their points (280) to get t...
RMR standings breakdown: Where teams need to place to qualify for the Major
It's not possible for 9z to qualify for PGL Stockholm, unfortunately
FalleN: "I was a little bit out of the meta for a while"
It's because it is a press conference, where a bunch of different journalists are all asking their own questions. When it's a 1 on 1 thing where only one party is asking the questions there will be a ...
CPH Flames, Movistar Riders advance to IEM Fall closed qualifier
Anonymo didn't play in the first open qualifier because they already have a spot in the closed qualifier Movistar played a mix containing players who used to be on Anonymo, mynio and KEi, but not Ano...
Malta Vibes Knockout Series 1 Fantasy: 5 players to consider
forZe players aren't able to be picked for this game unfortunately :/
raalz completes Sprout lineup: "I still have a damn lot to give"
Snappi was under contract with TIGER while playing with Astralis
MAJ3R: "Calyx has a very important support role in our game"
thx bb
Anime = cartoons
yea only fewer than 20 centuries are allowed to watch it
FACEIT relaunches FPL North America
Americas Minor Preview
FaZe beat Astralis to win ELEAGUE Premier
FaZe is just insane, can they continue this form at EPICENTER?
OpTic join WESA; FaZe return
It says NiP???
Fluent: English Well: French Burger education in action
Most famous living person?
Easily Donald Trump.
ViCi vs VG.Renascence
really activates the old almonds