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FlipSid3 vs HellRaisers
Is the cast wrong with easy or a new CS GO word "easq" ?
Top 10 Teams Right Now.
Yes, Virtus just like a tier 2 team.
NiPs 3rd player
2016 and some nuts still remind Spawn. Stop says shit pls.
Threats vs TheMongolz
No link buddies ?
Skyred vs Insidious
EZ game.
TSM vs Natus Vincere
Could you give me the link youtube of this match?
Liquid vs Virtus.pro
No Snax no party. Virtus just likes tier 2.
Secret vs Puzzle
It's so lag, not like when I watch Euro match at normal channel although I am in Vietnamese. Mother fucker So strok TV liveshow.
VP still top 1
They still have a passion, but it's not enough to fight with younger, you're old, my friend.
HellRaisers vs Natus Vincere
Like a joke, it seems everybody think the vote is nothing, so they can vote who makes them laugh.
who is f0rest ?
I think Neo and Get_right are better than him in CS 1.6 and now he's just normal. Olofmeister and KennyS seems be the best in CS GO. Discuss ???
China CS GO?
The most famous Asian player is Crazyguy from Vietnam. He deserves tier 1 teams.
Virtus.pro vs Envy
In fact, TSM is the best team of this map. Vitus Pro is real rookie, how can they beat Envyus. Can't remember the last time VP won Dust2.
-neo -taz -pasha
This man is so stupid. Pasha, Taz and Neo are a family. They were together from Frag Excutors, MYM, Again...and now Vitus Pro. They never blame each other, Kuben quit because he wanted that, felt not ...
Virtus.pro vs Natus Vincere
I thought that Navi found a real monster standing by Markeoff.