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fnatic vs Envy
i see murican flag. i dont even need to express myself.
Platinium vs Refuse
ofcourse- lose when 13-13 :) typical
NiP vs E-frag.net
knew e-frag would take this game :)
NiP vs E-frag.net
friberg is playing much better than pyth. look fribergs frags and pyths frags. friberg kills is all keyfrags, friberg>pyth
NiP vs E-frag.net
pyth fixing his stats on the eco round lelelel, not single kill on weapon round yet. feel bad for dream3r about the vac ban thing. really good player:(
couldn't agree more :)
sarscam X sarcasm X sarcasm. nip tier3.
they deserve? What do you mean? Why would they deserve pyth? Myself i Think it was a very bad choice and nip will become worse.
0l0fmeister #1 this is also why
sick plays, he did 4k on pistol and then this on tqms first gun round.
what was that? you fucking idiot you Think they all fkn sit there on LAN cheating? you fucking retarded Suomi cunt, go fuck jOELZ and villiG in the asshole, bitch retard silvers pisses me off
? vs fnatic
what is fnatic doing? How did they manage to take dust2 with these plays? :o
? vs fnatic
yepp, thats Always a big risk playing like that. they should improve their pistols or counter early round advantage other team get.
Envy vs ?
lose vs forcebuy shit pisses me off, you fkn bitch TQM. fk off
fnatic vs ex-Titan
pls win titan, kick these Swedish faggots out of the lan xDD
Envy vs ?
loool, they had Mirage in their pocket. but retard fucking idiot danish lose it. 4v2 and 3x force buys. fkn shame on you tier1 team