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Top 20 players of 2021: HObbit (6)
Hobbit is such a loveable guy. Been a fan ever since I played against him in a random faceit pug and he wrote "ns" after I killed him once. He was so kind during the match and was actually chatting wi...
Top 20 players of 2021: b1t (9)
b1t is such a monster. It's crazy how good is spray control is, that he is able to keep hitting headshots after like a 15 bullet spray. Well deserved top 10 spot for a sick rookie
BLAST Premier Fall Final talent announced
The portugese Hype Man is back YEAH :D
Virtus.pro replace SANJI with FL1T for PGL Major*
I always felt like Sanji was actually a fairly important part of the team. Sadge :(
gla1ve returns for PGL Major Stockholm; Bubzkji out
Poor Bubzkji man :( It looked like he was actually finding some groove within the team
Anonymo vs Complexity
Lets go Snaxi <3
CSPPA reveals new board of players
Glad to see STYKO in there. He seems like a very reasonable and chill guy
Comment: What now for Astralis?
They're finally forced to integrate Bubzkji more. Feel like he was wasting his talent only sitting on the sidelines.
I got 5 drops in total, after watching every match of every major since early 2015... One of the a Cobble Case. On the other hand, never pulled a knife or any decent item (20€+) from 200+ cases :(
0.99999999 = 1
Betting Site for 3 Cent Skins?
Naah. I did a bit of match betting a year ago, won a bit, but then the odds on matches got worse and worse. But I don't like these gambling sites in general.
Betting Site for 3 Cent Skins?
Clearly rigged xD Now I lost twice, but at least I have no more 3 cent skins and actually sold the skins I won for 1$. EZ profit :P
Betting Site for 3 Cent Skins?
The site wouldn't accept my trade offers anymore :( It worked once, I lost my first 15 cent, but now I can't get in the pot :/ Thanks though ^^
Betting Site for 3 Cent Skins?
That site looks like it actually has pretty decent odds. I'll bookmark it for later. Thanks :P
Betting Site for 3 Cent Skins?
Wow, I actually won the pot with 19% chance right away xD I didn't even want to win, but I guess i'll take it :P Thanks for linking me to site :)