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Don Haci
I got to know him some years ago when he leaked FaZe next roster move. He found it out by joining their pcw (nobody knows how?), i thought it was hilarious
f0rest depressed?
true. maybe it's all over after this major, atleast with nip?
f0rest depressed?
it does look like that. and his family (nip) has been ripped apart, too.
allu "2 faced" toledo
^ This. The latter part is just speculating, they weren't necessarily fighting (aleksib seems like a guy that wont get offended easily) but maybe allu just didnt like him too much?
allu "2 faced" toledo
aleksib had confirmed in his stream he was benched by the team. the exact reason is unknown
allu "2 faced" toledo
Definitely not and aleksib confirmed this. allu has big ego and aleksib seems to be pretty vocal, allu just can't stand him anymore and bet he blames aleksib for bad results too and he's thinking like...
Aleksib streaming
Thanks for sharing!
Look at the mirror and ask yourself: "what do i want to do every day with my life? is acting like an idiot worth it?"
Aleksib streaming
ENCE SuNny confirmed.
Who's destroying it?
CS:GO Pro Allu departs ENCE, back to FaZe Clan after two years.
He's not getting paid too much in "his project". But he won't be leaving since he's getting his buddy suNny back
And the very original answer you'll see is "sorry mens)))"
top 20 for 2019
Seems like a bit worse year for astralis
i bet 300$ on express eintracht -1,5 and win chelsea for 8,4 odds
Exactly my thoughts haha
Just bought 1400€ of tech
Intels might be a bit better for gaming only, but you are overreacting quite a lot.