Following professional Counter-Strike: December 2007 - Present.

i am slav superstar spy in west


Mouse: Logitech G502 Proteus Core
Keyboard: Corsair K65 RGB
Headset: Logitech G430

Favourite Teams:

America: Cloud9.
Europe: Natus Vincere/Gambit.

*I used to write blogs here on HLTV primarily revolving around eSports and Counter-Strike but I got busy and basically left them for dead. I don't plan on starting again.

wow hltv nice one removing the blogs ffs
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So many people here don't know anything, it's fucking sad.
Is e-sports a sport?
Not necessarily. Some definitions go by the need for physical exertion of force to be present, which is why sometimes it doesn't make the concept a legitimate sport.
Is e-sports a sport?
No? It's just that term is illogical. No one is against sports, what the fuck?
Is e-sports a sport?
"anti sport retards" Sure, whatever.
Is e-sports a sport?
By definition, no. However, since other 'games' like chess are classified as sports, then for the time being eSports should have zero issue with being classified as one as well. I personally don't car...
Is e-sports a sport?
jobs! is back? Damn, where have you been? :o
Bitcoin as a currency won't simply just 'burst' similarly to other fiat currencies due to the lack of centralization and control and dependency on markets. Just my thoughts on it.
Neat! :D
if ur kid was trans
Although I'm not looking to actually have a kid, if I did, I would support him/her in their journey. They're my kid after all.
if ur kid was trans
The linguistic meaning of "non-binary" is yes, a standard English term. Perhaps not in its modern gender oriented meaning, but overall yeah, it's a normal term.
Who else has no future ?
I feel you dude, felt the same way for a long time. I'm glad that you have at least something going for you so you're not completely fucked. :) However, the mentality about how you think it is 'too ...
Who else has no future ?
I used to be like you throughout the first 3 years of high school and I'm currently in grade 12. I was extremely introverted and at times it really felt horrible. After some lifestyle changes, I start...
Age: 17 Phone model: Google Pixel 2 Mouse: G502 Proteus Core Nickname: pokerchip Real name: Martin OS: WIndows 10
Guess my Nationality!
Hungarian. EDIT: Neat thread idea though! :D