Following professional Counter-Strike: December 2006 - Present.

Favourite Teams:

America: Cloud9.
Europe: Natus Vincere/FaZe.

*I used to write blogs here on HLTV primarily revolving around eSports and Counter-Strike but then HLTV removed the feature and I'm still quite mad about it.
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I guess your name
Canada / Bulgaria?
drank 0,5 vodka and 4 beers ama
drank 0,5 vodka and 4 beers ama
Russia bullshit explanations
This. It pains me to protest the Western media and then have most Westerners think that I support the Russians and their media 110% of the time.
Russia bullshit explanations
No, you are. The vast majority of people living in the region are Russian themselves and do not want to be subject to the oppression by an ultra-nationalist Ukrainian government that is supported by t...
Panama Papers?
You are disgusting.
Commies on hltv
Nice. I used to be a tankie as well, but as of recent I've been leaning to council communism or basically just 110% "All power to the Soviets!". :') Being of an eastern European background, it's real...
Commies on hltv
Yeah. It's hilarious seeing them when they hear you say you hate liberals. :')
Commies on hltv
Fuck Trudeau. He's a terrible neoliberal piece of shit.
Commies on hltv
Understandable, and highlighting one over the other leads to dogmatism. However, after enough reading of theory and historical analysis, there seems to be a single individual/philosophy that you may s...
Commies on hltv
Terrible argument. That's like saying peasants under feudalism could not rebel and fight against their regimes because they used pitchforks made under the system.
Commies on hltv
What ideology do y'all follow? (Council communism, anarcho-communism, Marxism-Leninism, etc)
Commies on hltv
No, it really doesn't make me think. Get the fuck outta here with your bullshit horseshoe theory.
i fix ur favorite team
You said two.
So then just identify as irreligious. Frankly, I just don't give a shit about religion so ^^.