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Signature vs Orange
Signiture giving out their signiture dish of R.E.K.T
Devcat vs Virtual Impact
Normally I call it an excuse but in this case can't deny its legit
Devcat vs Virtual Impact
1v5 for le chink lmao
Dignitas vs Infinity
Peelk isn't a no maker O.o well known as an upcoming talent in Spain.
Luminosity vs Selfless
It's the fact they bet on it that it's at 92% dude FML how many times do you need to be told ?
CLG vs Tempo Storm
1 correct score 1 to go xD
Space Soldiers vs nGw
nGw bringing back memories of when I used to always watch Hungarian CS. This team has some serious talent. If only they hadn't left orbit all that time ago .......
EasyMind vs Galatics
Dayum that 1v4
EasyMind vs Galatics
8/10 kills HS overall and 7/8 kills HS with an AK that's pretty impressive Mr fuckovsky
Recursive vs DEEZ NUTS
I think that's the point :D He isn't pro so he faked ;)
DEEZ NUTS vs eXplosive
Deez nuts is basically 2/5 of the ESC that rallen left to join vexed. Michi and NEEX always used to carry. Michi is a good player but I don't know if he can handle the likes of explosive
Tricked vs LDLC Blue
Dewid from Calais ? PS. First :)
eXplosive vs ex-Epiphany
Boaster is a good pick. Played with him when they rekt kick and had a solid performance
Liquid vs Tempo Storm
Simple don't knife any more brazilianos pl0x :c I don't wonna have to catch up about more favela murder story drama :/
PixelFire vs CSGL
At this stage there are 16 teams in the bracket. Next stage will be quaterfinals/round of 8