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Say no to racism
last week when i was on football game , a kid sitting next to me (around 6-10 years old) asks his grandpa- "my dad says to me that black ppl are different than us, they have different skin, legs, are ...
Alinity (twitch drama)
hahahaha what ... omg this is cat not glass cup
Antifa lul
hahahahaha is this for real ?!
Bulgarians and Romanians come here
tbh im happy that they are there ,cuz i/we dont want them here ... our country cant handle this problem ...
(+17) Most grose thing you saw your parents have/do
accidentally have seen my dad and husband of my sister naked ... when i was little i saw accidentally my sister topless ... yeah, i think i need to start knocking more on the door even if they are op...
"This makes you ." what ? :D m72/31f ... im going to the kitchen where i belong ...
Worst Country Ever
you probably dont know much about countries like Swaziland (Kingdom of Eswatini) and Somalia
what is socuer? sokker? oh yeah soccer?
i hope they will win champ league
why are girls shy?
different countries, different girls and guys. here like 80-90% of girls will w8 guy to make the first step
The year is 2004
fuck you ... im so old ... 2004 hmm good times
+18 r8 russian girl
yeah i was like - i know from somewhere the guy with that girl :D
lets play a game
hmm this book looks nice
Polen twitter hacked?!
he is b8ing
“Free” University
here you pay income tax at an annual flat rate of 10%