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Ignite vs Dignitas fe
you think that your 2600 elo is in any way something to be proud of when elo is the most inflated shit nowadays
mimichaela 21 yo?!?!?!
https://www.instagram.com/p/Bf8s5O6H73o/?taken-by=mimimimichaela not the same, + mimi has never had such a big earring
mimichaela 21 yo?!?!?!
its not her rofl are u retarded
Best IGL´s of all time
Or pick both, because being consistently in a top3 team for 1.5 years with so many good teams atm isn't top5 worthy at all, right?
Stewie hits monitor
Which team can punish Astrails?
Cs is so dead
Well, a way more relevant question would be. How does it?
Cs is so dead
Yes, I ask you, if you're retarded, because everything you've said so far has been completely illogical and ignorant :-D
Cs is so dead
When did I say I believe this? Hello? They get the money from sponsors? :-D Again, are you okay?
Oh my god. What's the point of bringing in an experienced IGL when everyone can just do it with some practice? Oh so kicking n0thing from C9 didn't make them better, even though they won a major a f...
Cs is so dead
are you retarded? :-D
Football is boring
it's boring if you don't know shit about it
Denmark lucky
Lucky haha get a grip, Peru couldn't finish even if their lives depended on it.
I didn't even see the comment on Denmark and what the fuck is the problem about us being the first nation to legalize gay marriage? :D I guess you're just the typical Christian homophobe. Why do peop...
you have literally no idea how the building of a team works and you should not make suggestions on something you do not know about