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Is awp overpowered?
Doesn't that mean it is overpowered when you have your whole team built around one gun instead of going 5 rifles? Im not saying it is, just questioning your thinking here
North Sentinel Island
Maybe they would benefit, maybe not, why take the risk? And even if there is not a proper way to research the actions of these people now, there sure will be quiet enough drones or similar ways to see...
North Sentinel Island
The small amount of money that may bring is nothing compared to the value of scientist being able to research and study the way these people act and live. Its like a huge experiment that has been runn...
Your country's worst decision?
yes the location is insanely good, only 1300km border between russia, so lucky
Your country's worst decision?
we did fine without being pussies
Tier 1 countries
Nah, just think of any activity and see if you can do it here and in tallin, there is your answer
Tier 1 countries
You just didnt do anything, dont blame it on the city. Literally anything you can do in Tallin you can do in Helsinki as well and even more. And im not saying Tallin is bad, but it sure aint better by...
Tier 1 countries
Well iv been in enough places to say thats not true. So you tell how did you spend your time here then. https://imgur.com/a/ypcBpb7 btw
Tier 1 countries
either you couldnt afford to do shit here or you are from estonia
Tier 1 countries
Portugal is about to go bankrupt
Tier 1 countries
how much allu earned
how much allu earned
Those are all taxable a swell, so it doesnt change anything
Sunny earning only 45k year
Tax information is public in Finland, so that's all their earnings from last year. The number on the left is earned income, and the one the right is "capital income", coming from investments, stocks, ...
Do u have a car
Well, maybe your opinion will change when you get older. Life is not a grind