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top tier countries
Switzerland or Austria because the climate there isnt as bad as in the north. The quality of life is probably the same. High wages just gives you more chances in investing and travelling but the livin...
1 thing u want for CS:GO
I would say its still faster, only issue is people dodging but if you dont count them in, faceit wins. This is because a lot of people at high levels use faceit enhancer that just auto vetos servers a...
1 thing u want for CS:GO
Faceit ques are faster than mm ones, i never have to wait over one minute
Bro he has clearly thought this trough we shouldnt doubt this amazing strat
“Free” University
Even arguing about this is waste of time. Is public transport system useless because your parents bought you a car? And those who didnt get it paid for them can just take a loan or walk?
after school
Work a year or two and try to save some money and travel around, just think about what you want to do with your life. Going to uni without real interest in the subject your are going to study for 4+ y...
“Free” University
Yea i know, but i actually think some of these guys are serious
“Free” University
After reading this thread ,I now believe 50% of all people believe jews rule the world and the other 49% are trying to calculate expenses of an University education with high school math. And then the...
“Free” University
You are one dumb motherfucker
Most unlikeable player
I hate Karrigan. Used to dislike jw and flusha too, but now i miss the days when swedes and french were the top countries and played some great finals
China average IQ: 105
Its a cultural difference that unfortunately is not going to change before people from this generation are starting to have their own kids, living in much better conditions than your parents used to. ...
China average IQ: 105
First of all, IQ as a measurement for intelligence is bad. Second of all, the test is highly focused to mathematical and geometrical abilities, in which the education system of Asian countries is high...
loss of aviici was harder then any other loss
He had influence to a lot of people and created millions of great memories unlike "normal people". We dont live in a world where everyone is equal Your argument is just retarded
I cant even play without stretched anymore because the movement feels like im playing in a wheelchair. The wide peeks close range are hard to get used to because you have to aim so far off the corner ...
Best Baltic Nation?
The more south you go the worse it gets