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Faceit Solo Q Que
Beating premades is actually not that hard, but having 3 or 4 premades in your team sucks.
FaZe, G2 and Fnatic.
0/5 bait try again
Guys i got level 7 yesterday
i guess lvl 7 is like global or maybe a bit more
Most toxic countries in CSGO?
can confirm
I want to die
All of them at the same time
I am a water addict
I luld
Are you really young or why is it so low?
cancer countries
Well no shit when its morning in brazil but prime time in eu
worst english in europe?
A bit offtopic but I feel like dubbing has big effect to how people learn english as kids or atleast getting used to hearing it. I dont even understand why they do it everywhere outside the nordic cou...
worst english in europe?
Its normal in big countries to forget languages since you really just dont have to use them becouse everything is available in your native. Also its really hard to say how people in x country can spea...
worst english in europe?
I was in lubeck for a school project where we had christmas stands and other marketing stuff. There ofc was alot of elder people and when they asked something about the products, and were being answer...
worst english in europe?
Some can but high percent of the older germans can barely speak any english.
Wouldnt say Finland is any better than Sweden but the culture difference is really big. It just depends what you like
Your country at war
Our military is only built to defend so hard to say. Sweden - We could cut sweden in half with only manpower but dont think we can conquer the southern parts since thats where sweden would put all i...
ur age and job??
2k is what you normally get from jobs that you dont need an education for (37,5h week). Then you might get like 200 more if you have to do evening shifts aswell