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Good books to read
Communists destroyed my country
Of course you have no idea what I am saying. How could you with your 80 IQ. End your worthless existence faggot: https://i.gifer.com/8GYC.gif
"Socialism never worked"
#277 Also I suggest you end your worthless 75 IQ existence: https://i.gifer.com/8GYC.gif
"Socialism never worked"
First of all retard, it's spelled logarithmic. Second of all it's used for a reason in economics. With modern technology you can't expect economies to grow as slow as they did 500 years ago can you? I...
Communists destroyed my country
Deng Xiaoping was directly inspired by Friedrich List, the chief enemy of liberal economics you retarded mong. LMAO I love how you completely ignored my entire post you low IQ rabid animal. Why would ...
"Socialism never worked"
ex-Yugoslavia has had almost no growth, also modern day Russia is a total shithole, you've been listening to way too much pro-Putin propaganda
"Socialism never worked"
More like 1.5k to 20k vs 20k to 25k https://gyazo.com/9357ed9b07c4f0af0ab86318d7c412b8
"Socialism never worked"
Why would it be? It was way richer in 1989 and is full of Germans instead of Poorlaks.
"Socialism never worked"
Russia in the 60s did way better than modern day Russia in terms of growth and progress.
"Socialism never worked"
He never said Russia was socialist in 2019. He merely compared the successful Soviet Russia with the abysmal capitalistic Federal Russia.
"Socialism never worked"
There was: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russian_Soviet_Federative_Socialist_Republic
2nd language
Check out Clugston, the based American linguist: https://www.youtube.com/user/christopheclugston
Wasted life
you are just ugly, otherwise you'd be invited to places as a young lad