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Phoenix vs HAVU
m1x is just mix not actual team :)
Aristocracy vs HAVU
that match was on lan, havu always choke lan so yeah :)
????????????????????? Only thing easy for them is sucking dick.
Grayhound vs mousesports
imagine thinking Grayhound is good just because winning vs NA when they played awful XAXAXAXA, it is still the same top 20-30 level team it was in major, maybe a bit more upset potential...
Evil Geniuses vs mousesports
thats just plain tragic if mouz lose now :D
Tricked vs
That could be the case I guess,, Still could be possible tho ECS in some form will exist I think.
Tricked vs
I mean they got in this season as seeded teams because their total money collected, so basically even if you miss finals and do not collect enough money to qualify you can be next season ecs team tryi...
Tricked vs
At least last season teams who collected most money qualified for this season so it is not pointless match really considering this.
jOELZ has 100% lan win rate :OOOO
I guess he does not care to compete and practice seriously so no luck :D.
jOELZ has 100% lan win rate :OOOO 100% winrate but NT
SJ vs Syman
some lan in china(?) 2 asian teams, 1 eu/cis and 1 american team qualify for it, IDK if there is more info about the lan though. edit: ok found the news
Grayhound vs NiP
A match for playoffs spot and top 6 finish in minimum just as we expected XAXAXAXAXAXAXAXAXAXA
mousesports vs NiP
if nip choke this it would be tragic, would they win they play vs Grayhound for playoffs spot :D
Evil Geniuses vs Grayhound
Grayhound top 1
mousesports vs NiP
NIP top 1