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Anime vs Hitler
I was cured from anime and can confirm it is terrible thing.
Jake Paul drama rn
It is just painfully boring to watch these people, I can't fantom why would you care them enough to follow their dramashit, I can't really see funny part of it either. They just aren't interesting to ...
Jake Paul drama rn
I can't understand how it is entertaining watching these retards but I suppose most people aren't very intellectual anyway so maybe for some it is then
Jake Paul drama rn
Can't believe people actually care about these entitled fucks and their drama, it is just so useless.
[+18] Jonty GF r8
Why u guys are obsessed over this mentally ill guy, it is quite sad...
well still banned by many events, also doubt valve will unban them.
Dosia nudes
thorin just doesn't think they are that good, this biased analyst wants things to go "right" way or he gets mad XDDDD...
Gambit winning major
nice ear rape music
Dust 2 new version
hopefully cobble, that map needs to be gone
Become Gambit fan!
lol whyd they be mad, u 10 yo or what? No logic at all, even favelas have more logic, it is tragic...
Age - Reaction time
I agree, bigger issue is motivation and such, playing same game for years in pro level many many hours very seriously surely at some point starts to not be that interesting, even if you might still li...
Dosia's 200IQ Play (In case you missed)
Nahhh, this type of play could easily just be thing they had as team thought to do and it just happened to be him who did it, it doesn't really require some great skill either, smart play tho yes...
1Million to 500k
to be fair rusky stream also has 150k viewers cuz gambit in final, but yea naturally teams people don't care so much results less viewers, only normal : ...
Major final canceled?