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Going all-in on Mouz
whyd u go all in on this team? They choke so often it is unreal, seems not worth, especially all in xD...
Normal thing to write something like this, IDK what u saying, u some high class cuck or what? :DDDDDD
EU main from team pages u can see teams all matches and from match pages download demos, also it should be possible to tune in live from ...
Thorin fired from Turner for racism?
Could be true however Destiny as source LUL, this lying piece of shit can never be trusted cuz incredibly petty person...
Actually agree but for me zowie mouses feel bit too heavy and clumsy somehow (at least ec2-a), just not for me I guess xDDD
THORIN tweet
TFW these people too dumb to even understand what he means. No use to even argue with these cretins xDDD...
is ANTIVIRUS scam?
Windows defender is quite poor antivirus program, does the job probably though whereas some of better free programs if u need one.
is ANTIVIRUS scam?
windows defender is no better than these programs honestly xd...
is ANTIVIRUS scam?
Just use free antivirus maybe if u want to use one.
Kinguin vs HAVU
I think expected stand in honestly cuz: 1. old teammate of ottond and aleksib 2. already played qualifiers once for ENCORE which was pre HAVU lineup earlier this year
Best Gaming Tv?
FPL is joke?
He just got that elo cuz he played ton of games with good stack, doesn't mean he is the best player...
Elsa Jean
gaming disorder
Ruined my life for sure but obviously it was my choice still so not rly blaming anyone but myself xDDD.
He just doesn't want to play CS:GO apparently xD...