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Why is S1mple so bad ?
they traveled from london to america and ony had 1 day to adapt after losing a major final. Plus a roster change is inbound. Factors those in they wont perform at their peak
MAJOR investment
thank you :)
MAJOR investment
foils will in turn go up aswell it is rarer than a normal s1mple sticker which is also more expensive than every other player besides Pashas.
MAJOR investment
i have a gold s1mple sticker looking at the prices after the sticker sale the prices have gone up for popular players due to the capsule also going up in price as well as the odds of getting a speicif...
MAJOR investment
reasoning astralis is in high demand and their stickers will go up initially which i will sell them relatively quick as well as navi faze is in a "slump" but once they find their footing the demand w...
MAJOR investment
I got a gold s1mple sticker (unboxed) 10 Astralis stickers 10 navi stickers 10 faze stickers 10 NIP stickers 10 optic stickers 15 cloud 9 stickers 15 complexity stickers 5 virtus pro stickers
R8 Sexiest Pros GF and Pro girls
cen9 then mimimimimimimimmi
they've been dead. thanks for the money tho vp fans XD
You are wrist or arm player?
Wrist DPI - 1000 Sens - 1
I guess your age
Navi sonic adventure two Wiz
s1mple should honestly replace a member of faze or mouse like styko/ropz or olof/
same here brother. And Whats Funny they were the only team I thought wouldn't be upsetted. welp they were the ONLY one :(
So many Navi and s1mple fans here :)
What happened?
just trying to help you. I thought denmark was one of the smartest countries XD