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Unhappy Astralis players
Its far enough, if you don't say soooo stupid things like that. :D
Unhappy Astralis players
Learn some history, jesus.
Unhappy Astralis players
What the actual fuck?! :D Dude.. Seriously. Did you just insult him, with the size of his country? Are you fuckin kidding me? :DDDDDDDDD Tell him he has a big nose or something, at least be creative w...
Unhappy Astralis players
Have you ever been in Europe?
The Trump wave
Search for the name Lőrinc Mészáros. He pretty much covers what they call "capitalism" here.
The Trump wave
Sorry mate, I had this conversation way too many times. If you have the will you may search for other aspects as well and also rethink this capitalism in Hungary thing, thats a long road mate.
The Trump wave
Haha, it doesn't that likeable from this side of the border. :D
The Trump wave
Hahahahahahaha. Vote Fidesz out? :DD Jesus they got 31% of the voteable people and they having 2/3 of the Parliament. The election-system they wrote is rigged as f, meanwhile they officialy owning 90...
The Trump wave
+1 I meant the second part of my comment in general about the actions they take.
The Trump wave
We are bounded to the Russians for like forever from now. The new nuclear power plant in Hungary will be built by the Roszatom and we also borrowed 10 billion euros from them to cover to project. Bill...
Natus Vincere vs ORDER
River - Boca (Libertadores)
Big clubs, superclasico, huge fights on the streets. Thats what I know about it.
F1 is boring as f, but Im so glad he came back. :) He is a great driver with a huge amount of experience, so Im pretty sure he will be a good fit for Williams. gl Robert
INTZ vs Imperial
It was painful to watch. o.O
Best mm maps ever
Stopped reading at "best mm"