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Your country CSGO stereotype
- always play in stacks - never say anything in voice chat except when they start flaming you (because they are on ts) - below average skill - got their dream car in their avatar - will try to make yo...
Your country CSGO stereotype
"dati si voi drumu la mainile alea?" "au cod mm" "sunteti ciocan" "pe tras sunt nr1 in ro"
EA vs Ubisoft
both were great once upon a time. both are shit now idk it's a trend for respected developers to become shit nowadays. Every single developer seems like they can't help themselves from doing retarded ...
Female CS
i would pay to see a tier2-3 team tryhard against a girl team
Female CS
obviously they're gonna get smashed but the guys playing them are gonna try to not humiliate them too badly since they're probably gonna get shit if they do
Elige the best?
yeah, thats exactly what im saying
Elige the best?
remember when liquid were having a really tight game at the major on T side mirage. In the most crucial round when opponents were eco, elige stays alone in top mid with bomb, dies to pistols, they los...
Why Germans so smart
0.9 kd faceit lvl 10
0.9 kd faceit lvl 10
Pfft. Yeah cause in pugs its not about impact
0.9 kd faceit lvl 10
Good kd just comes naturally when you have players in your team willing to play as a team. Faceit is full of people like this kid who has no idea how to play this game. They just focus on individual s...
0.9 kd faceit lvl 10
we don't assume shit. People use your retarded arguments to conclude you're an idiot. Realize that some pugs are just unwinnable in the same way you just cant lose some. But the best way to win in sol...
MM rank is a joke
hahah know the type
tinder success
real life game is actually more easy than tinder. Bitches find it hard to put on snapchat filters and call themselves queens in real life
pros to learn from?
is plateaud even a word? what is it even supposed to mean lmfao