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sleeping naked
shut up
Liquid fix?
They don't need to fix anything. They're constantly getting in 2nd and 3rd place. All they need to do is continue on their individual skills and cooperation skills and they'll be just like Astralis.
Fps max 0 or 300
Do 0 to get the max FPS possible but just keep on highering the FPS until you feel its the best
Because he gets more pussy than us mere mortals
Trump supporters
Funny how President Trump didn’t become mentally ill until after he began running for President. Dilussional liberals can’t even explain how President Trump is a bad President, it’s laughable.
2. Liquid 3. NaVi
Imo, NaVi and Liquid are pretty equal, despite what the record says. However, Liquid does deserve 2nd... slightly. The only thing NaVi has is S1mple and Electronic, but even that isn’t enough to help ...
MSL to FaZe?
But he strong and sxy as hell
homework help
Just say there is two genders, and you are one of the two genders. You (the teacher) can identify my gender if you want after class.
Playoff Predictions?
I didn’t know a major matchup in groups didn’t matter. I’ll be sure to tweet that to Mousesports
Asians and Racism
Who gives af... Black people are trying to end racism by shifting racism over to the white... Which in turn is continuing racism in their favor. They're a bunch of hypocrites.
kiss after BJ [18+]
I'm licking the inside of her mouth if I nut in hers
dating a feminist AMA
You mean the man who is keeping majority of his promises? Oh yeah, I like politicians based on their policies, not their personalities.
dating a feminist AMA
you're moderately a little girl. feminists are cancer to this world
Liquid vs OpTic
This should be fun. We haven’t seen a lot of Liquid v OpTic