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Movistar Riders vs Throw Potential
Why ? This isnt 2014 where only favorites win.. sinnopsy fpl player, other have 3000+ elo in faceit.. not saying this matters a lot but still they are not bots..
Movistar Riders vs Throw Potential
Ofc when a favorite loses a map underdogs are always cheating xD
Throw Potential vs 2019
ez for ThrowP
Vitality vs Grayhound
So original, try again later.
Vitality vs Grayhound
Idk people still thinking pro teams cheat in 2019, how can u be this braindead? You have so fucking much to lose if u get caught, its not like 2010 times when u don't have salary and only way to win m...
Vitality vs Grayhound
forZe vs expert
yeah happens xD all peek one by one very pro strat, expected from UK brain
forZe vs expert
alexRr killed facecrack with awp Round over - Winner: CT (1 - 3) - Bomb defused alexRr defused the bomb alexRr killed Jerry with awp (headshot) alexRr + JDC (assist) killed FL1T with usp_silencer (...
3DMAX vs Windigo
gypsies back to throwing :))) so so obv
Sprout vs Red Reserve
but but why screamy-da-k1Ng not in top1 french team(((( full washed up bot lmao
Netflix shows
Netflix shows
the last kingdom if you like vikings style series
it worked in 2014 but not now, he gets like 5 kills per map...
bet365 free money?
probably already leaked thats why they have these odds.. :)
Unique vs DreamEaters
You see the throw guys xDD every fucking tournament sponsored by lootshit or gg.shit or fucking rivalry.shit throws happens, players bet on the site who sponsor the tournament and never get caught :) ...