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18+ fapping
Porn is friend for your dick
Im 16 years old and i never kiss girl
It's really fucking normal. People think that you are in such a need to lose your virginity or get a girlfriend at like 15 but I don't even know how that became a thing like "wtf you're 16 and you hav...
+18 r8 pussy (no bait)
xD just link more dude, you'll be famous
Lana Rhodes
18+ Pornstars guide
This thread would be sick if you had like a gif or just a picture for every actress. Cba searching for each and every one.
[18] What you prefer?
with sick cunt do you mean in the good way like "bruh you're a sick cunt!" ?
no fap record
im currently on 9 still going stronk but my best is 14 days. It made me realised I'm happier when faping. The nofap shit is bullshit and placebo.
newfag, its a meme
OMG Fortnite
Du har det stämplat i hela nyllet, nip logga, nickar friberg, spelar med ett par tolvåriga blattar. Tur att man inte var lika äcklig som dig när man var liten.
OMG Fortnite
Tolvåriga jävla horunge.
First kiss?
okey lol, is it really hard for you to believe that I am swedish haha? Ett till ord från dig så kommer jag knulla din morsa din äckliga fittryss
lol dimitri is the most iconic russian name. Its like vladimir, everyone knows its a russian name xD It's like knowing if xu-lee is a chinese name. It's just very obvious where it is from.
you would think its fakeflag because if the name dim= dimitri but its not xD I fucking hate russians. My name is a short version of dimension 4000
This is a obvious bait thread to get fans mad xD nt though