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It's been good and bad but lately it turned out to be my favorite season. I really like post apocalypse series and I love space so the 100 fits me like a glove. I love the idea of cryosleep and that t...
[18+] immediate porn help
I dont really have a specific video, most of them are good
[18+] immediate porn help
what do you mean?
[18+] immediate porn help
JaysPOV, look it up
GYM question
what is clean foods that are good for a skinny motherfucker? You mean rice and chicken with veges and eat a lot? I'm skinny af but I eat more than the fattest man I know and he weighs 150 kilos
r8 her
cuz they are alpha as fuck and will probably be a wife beater. Hot girls always choose bad motherfuckers and end up either dead or addicted to drugs.
My gf is 15 yo...
wtfffffff actually childrape
My gf is 15 yo...
so if im 50 I go for 32 year olds?
How to get chicks?
Am I the only one that doesnt give a shit about chicks? Wasting my fucking time
[18+] is this a 10/10 ?
Glasses does it for me 10/10
TV Series
if you like DC and marvel series i would recommend Luke Cage. The series have both "good" and "bad" characters that you will love. Very powerful characters with a not too "superhero-ish" style.
[18+] Give me girls to rate
you can look at this if you're bored
Best Deagle Plays of all the time
This is the greatest Deagle video of all time
im gonna kill myself
Well now we're back to hating xD not helping bye
im gonna kill myself
Which genre do you prefer? Moba, FPS, MMORPG, Strategy, Survival?