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Joelz Rain Allu Niko Scream izi win
Top 5 Fat pros
http://www.hltv.org/gallery/view/34885 nikos girlfriend
Guardian so fat
Anyone can but he doesnt want, big $$$$ but in 20 years he will get terminal illness because that shit aint healthy the way hes living. No sex + bad health = early death
Guardian so fat
Lost 15kg in 1 year, didnt lift, only walk every day and eat right food. No fast food just bought raw meat and cooked it. Easy
1. Coldzera 2. s1mple 3. Shox 4. fallen 5. Niko 6. f0rest 7. Olof 8. Dennis 9. Snax 10. Rain 11. Scream 12. Hiko 13. fnx 14. JW 15. Neo 16. Krimz 17. Get_Right 18. flusha 19. Dupreeh...
Guardian so fat
Also does these girls have no self respect? Dating pro gamers for attention and $$ then go to another if they dont win a major (maikeleles ex went to fnx after fnx won major)
Guardian so fat
Bet hes just being used to buy her stuff, look at Seized, Flamie, Guardian. Ugly/deformed/fat nerds with 8-10/10 girls, no way it can be real and i can tell by looking at guardian hes never had sex, w...
Guardian so fat
How does he fuck his girl with that belly tho? she would be crushed
Juliano Live :o
Who cares what she looks like it feels the same on the dick ay lmao
Astralis vs FaZe
ez for Rain and jkaem
Best raw talents in EU
A man can dream though
Best raw talents in EU
In my opinion Karrigan is the worst aimer in Astralis. Hes the most inconsistent of the 5 and doesn't show up vs teams like Fnatic, Na'vi and NiP. Astralis could let Karrigan be coach and give Aizy...
autism rate in japan is 19% and 60% of all dudes over 30 are virgins it really shows in your posts, hope you get better
i hear japan has 3-4 cm average