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i7 7700k anyone?
went to ITX form factor (54L to 8.5L) and something quiet : https://imgur.com/a/nbiMFlc
i7 7700k anyone?
Had it with gtx 1080 ti + 16GB @3600Mhz, it requires great cooling as the thermal paste inside the CPU is crazy bad (unless you do Delidding which is a risky move for your warranty), had 300+FPS avera...
360Hz Monitor
As someone using the XL2546 (240hz + dyac) I can tell you I cannot wait to see a 360Hz not by asus but by BenQ with the Dynamic Accuracy. It does make a difference even though it's a small one, if you...
$5K PC
Not a bad case, a cheap in materials smartly though modular case. For 39€ it's really not bad, just a lot of flex as it's made of bad sheet metal, but you can install 240mm AIOs / good enough aircool...
Imperial vs 3DMAX
That 1v3 was godlike tho ;) The gamesense to prefire forklift wtf... (didn't hear a step, felt like pure premeditation)
R9 280X Vapor-X users
usually PSU's arent run by software, best thing u could do is simply replace it by a new one, preferably the highest 80+ rating u can get (also gets ur warranty up, and at some point the economy on el...
Ryzen 2700x officialy as good as i7 8700 (CS:GO)
csgo = game using 4cores at best. i5-8400 isn't that good for cs if you think of it. i3-8350k / i7-7700k / i7-8700k are the best atm. (i3-8350k = 4x4GHz, i7-7700k = 4x4,2GHz, i7-8700k = 6x 3,7GHz.
faze shox
shox won't play with ex6 or happy again, he said it on many interviews
faze shox
he played with GuardiaN in Nostalgie and rekt great teams back in the days
faze shox
they arent bad, but they arent the best at their role and FaZe doesn't give a shit about their money. If we keep the logic you have they'd still have kioshima and allu
faze shox
FaZe : karrigan (IGL, not debatable unless FalleN comes in lol) Niko Olofmeister shox (instead of rain) s1mple (instead of GuardiaN) GG world #1
nV -ScreaM
-xms -sixer +kioshima + zywoo kioshima zywoo scream rpk happy 2nd superteam in france keepo
Intel i7 8700 or i5 8400
The list : https://pcpartpicker.com/list/trbTXH
Intel i7 8700 or i5 8400
Here is a list of what I would do, bigger budget for a much faster SSD and a great watercooling. Motherboard doesn't look RGB at all though, any MSI/Asus Z370 is good, don't spend too much on it unle...
Intel i7 8700 or i5 8400
Also consider this for your SSD choice, SSDs M.2 PCI-E nVME are 5 to 7 times faster than regular SATA SSDs, if you're looking for the fastest components, i'd recommend you check on Corsair MP500, or S...