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Any PhDs on HLTV ?
I am working in programming already PhD is mostly a hobby, not my prof really
Any PhDs on HLTV ?
Just started my studies for maths phd 1 year in
Easy to understand ~95%
Countries you dislike
> Very bad language WTF
Faze rain is black ?
What have I done :/
2k is probably for people that dont even move
im so fkn done with sweden
I cant say for sure which country is better to live in tho But Russia is a shithole
Russia come here pls
> You might as well check yourself up then Checked myself up not too long ago when was preparing for the competition - I am fine > this is what makes us feel doesnt make any sense to me, our nervous s...
Russia come here pls
Sounds like you are trying to push your own musical tastes onto everyone. It doesnt feel right for me. Missed the world "soul" when was reading for the first time. Cant accept that as an argument, so...
Russia come here pls
I have to know that a musician cares about me to listen to his music or smth?
why you follow religion?
Respectable. But you should understand that not everyone in this world knows their purpose. Speaking about myself - I couldnt care less about children, at least at the current point of my life. I don...
why you follow religion?
> It's the ultimate comfort to think that your life has some externally defined purpose Best answer in this thread.
Studying math
My job has only two upsides: money and schedule, other than that it is boring shit full of people I despise I need more than those 4 things. For example I run marathons/half-marathons a lot, I travel...
Studying math
> money isn't that fucking important If you are living in your parents basement then probably I need money to live and support myself and my current job provides both good salary and flexible timetabl...
I guess your IQ
1. A lot, never counted. More than 300 for sure. Already 4 in 2019 2. 24 3. Mordor aka Russia 4. 3 5. orange