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coldzera ruined felps?
coldzera ruined felps?
esl format
but that just doesn't work otherwise ESL would have already done it. It's too many BO3, they're trying to make tournaments as short as possible. You suggest replacing 8 BO1s with 8 BO3s, that is a lo...
esl format
how can people say its fair wtf? do you really want two top3 teams face an elimination match only because they lost 1 BO1 (ONE, not 3 like is needed in BO1 Swiss system to get eliminated, ONE) on the...
huNter ?????
it's not like WESG organizers go to HLTV to check for nationality LOL. He played in WESG for a serbian team (showed them the passport) and therefore HLTV changed his flag. Same thing happened with gob...
Switzerland come here
Unfortunately watches are not the only thing being produced here. We also produce lots of weapons which we sell worldwide, even to autocratic countries (not that I support selling them to democracies ...
Na`Vi Major 0-3?
Gambit was about to disband before winning major, sometimes no pressure makes huge difference
Device #1
I really hope so. Astralis is fun to watch. But watching them compete against other teams on the same level would be even more fun! Anyway if you still are unsure of what I mean just go on and read t...
Device #1
The thing is, you're arguing with me as if I said somewhere that the current ranking system is not good or that I think that it's unfair that astralis players are ranked the way they are (will be). I ...
Device #1
definitely not lol the fact that they win so many rounds (because of team play, comunication, and other stuff, not because of stats. stats are numbers, they don't get you rounds) has a positive impact...
Device #1
astralis' players' stats are inflated by the fact that they win so much
Device #1
>showing up from time to time >was ranked #22 by HLTV this year pick one
cadiaN joins North
MSL has had amazing talent to work with for 2 fucking years and only managed to win 2 tournaments (obvious flukes), it's time for cadiaN to get a serious time and a chance to prove himself with it
msl iq
sorry fns, but you're just a sock puppet of absolute mastermind Mathias "MSL" Sommer Lauridsen