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Ger/Den/Kaz come
thank mr. gay_retard
Ger/Den/Kaz come
He was born in KZ, his parents are from Denmark, and now he lives in Germany and has a german citizenship 369 IQ
I love new scoreboard
expected from valve
Russian and polish soccer comparison
-strong football league (has a lot of equal teams,so you dont know who will win next season. thats because they all are shit haha, not because theyre all good
Panorama UI benefit
well you got the idea so far i havent seen a single person saying that hes getting better fps now
Panorama UI benefit
i mean if someone knows what his fps was on aimbotz then i dont see why this would be a problem
C4 New Animation LOL
10y stands for 10year ban cuz ive been through shit you know!!!
Panorama UI benefit
everyones saying they get less fps tho??
C4 New Animation LOL
I feel ashamed that I play this game Well I guess they want to get kids' attention, cuz no playerbase..
yeah call valve and tell them they fucked up in 516th line
How should I name my deagle
Straight outta CS:Source
why do people watch ninja
hes entertaining and funny also high skilled
you also called an extra clip in m4a1s a buff, why im even talking with you same damage, same slow firerate, same 20 bullets, same price, same movement speed, yeah nice buff, every pro will use it n...
how this will make cz more balanced? go watch 10 pro games and tell me how often did 1 bullet hs happen, i'll tell you, 0, because its literally a knife range, and just damage wont change anything Lmf...