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music favorite albums top 10
10- Tarkan - Olurum Sana 9- Placebo - Without You I'm Nothing 8- Audioslave - Audioslave 7- Michael Jackson - Bad 6- Pearl Jam - No Code 5- The Cure - Pornography 4- Muse - Absolution 3- Queen - The ...
Turkish Army (conscription)
Sadly, I'm already in there.
Turkish Army (conscription)
Then cancel the Turkish one. Believe me, it's gonna the best move for your life. Aside from the joke you can't deal with the army circumstances in here. It's ultra tough especially a person who grow...
Turkish Army (conscription)
Actually there is no way to serving in Turkish Army for foreigners. If you want it a lot, let's change our passports. I didn't my military service yet. It's postponed for now but you can go to army by...
SK vs fnatic
SK bans Nuke fnatic bans Cobblestone SK picks Train fnatic picks Inferno SK bans Mirage fnatic bans Overpass Cache is left over. Maybe SK gonna pick Cache, then Train gonna be third map.
Turkey AMA
You're lookin' a bit sad Eruhlu
Space Soldiers vs Imperial
Low stake, big odds. I think Imperial will win. SpaceS has a concentration issue in the matches like this.
V I R T U S P R O V I R T U S P R V I R T U S P V I R T U S V I R T U V I R T V I R V I V V I V I R V I R T V I R T U V I R T U S V I R T U S P V I R T U S P R V I R T U S P...
New Superteam
He is banned and I wanna make international toxic team.
tier 1 team
Hahahaha look at Can and Buğra's English level. And Kazakh is the more complex language than English. And the majority is Kazakh. They need Russian. GL.
Country with cleanest water ?
Turkey, I can guarantee that. Our bottled waters are the best. And I tried so many types of bottled waters of EU.
tier 1 team
Shall they comminucate on Finnish?
turks explain this
Erdogan is the new Saddam, Colonel Qaddafi bla bla bla. Sad for Turkey.