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HellRaisers vs Trident
1-11 LMAO why would they bench JR ? I mean he is not a prime KennyS and he will never be, but he was always consistent with that awp
mezii the prodigy?
simple electronic device
8/8 TBH
Winstrike vs Project X
So? You've never seen a team losing to a mix? Winstrike will win this, but it has nothing to do with that match vs polish mix
GG WP Sprout!
Imagine being a #4 team in the world (not even top10 for real but yeah rankings are ...) and not being able to beat a team with 3 germans, 1 ruski and 1 polak in the German ESL finals LMAO And on t...
Shox #3-4
Are we in 2016 ?
Izako Boars vs AGO
Izako looks really good on paper TBH
Polish Scene in 2k21
Do you consider french scene a thing now? Or swedish, brazilian scene? Maybe german? Answer that question and you'll see if Poland had a scene Only Danish and CIS (not really that weird cuz of many...
Polish Scene in 2k21
We had TOP5 team for many years (VP) And we had many TOP20-30 teams All these kinguin, vexed, ebettle or some shit teams After that we had pretty good AGO It wasnt anything like "VP = polish scene"
Polish Scene in 2k21
Astralis is SOOO scared LMAO Bunch of few shit teams that will disband/make changes after 2 months Polish scene is dead for some reason and there is no way it can comeback We have many great playe...
Gambit vs Sinners
LMAO sinners hahahahahha that 4v2 was awful
I think I would choose to be born in like 1960s possibly in USA I think being like 20+ while living in the USA's 80s was an incredible experience
Well I love football (not soccer) and I could watch it for hours, but I agree about it being boring sometimes IMO there should be less players on the pitch and matches would be much more interesting
Gambit vs Nemiga
bot speedak still not kicked ?