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I'm so sad for Liquid...
boring why? the best teams advances to the playoffs. in the 1/4 you have some sick matchups, anyone can beat anyone with no shit team that advanced with luck like in past majors
a spanish guy won 7k+ betting 10€ on optic. the odds were 751€ optic winning the tournament lmfao
SK 16-0
remember when brazil won 2 world cups in their country?
HLTV master race
or when someone says a joke and the guys see its getting upvoted so they reply the joke with some random shit jokes for upvotes lmfao
thanks Navi and VP
there is no need to say GG on twitter for the public when you said that in person right? plz dont mention Fallen i hate fake guys like him. its the typical person that face to face would smile and ...
If only blizzard could afford to buy valve.
then report the bug maybe?
the only el clasico is NIP vs VP or navi vs VP
If only blizzard could afford to buy valve.
they semi fixed hitboxes, fixed jump accuracy, fixed crouch spam...
thanks Navi and VP
i think no1 is salty except for trolls. VP and NAvi are like ''brother'' teams
If only blizzard could afford to buy valve.
valve are fixing things. the only thing left for them to fix is maybe nerf a bit the pistols and everything is ok.
Csgo ideas
dude stop creating stupid threads and go work/study you spanish kunt
Respect brazilians
we respect SK but we dont respect their troll bandwagon fans im a VP fan and in my opinion they are not the best team in the world til they beat fnatic in a bo3 series my ranking is fnatic SK V...
P250 is way to powerful
if you have a good aim yes. if not then better buy 57/tec9
best f1 drivers
in this era Alonso/Hamilton >>>> every other driver
brazil 2016 worst olympics of all time