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New G2 lineup
You didnt hear shit lmao, be quiet boy
New G2 lineup
How are you so certain about G2 making changes? You don't know shit lol, you just talk bullshit and try to act smart
d*ck size
So your mind is on dick size of others when you are bored? lmao
When it comes to delivering hype, Sadokost is imo better than Henry. Henry has more knowledge which makes the two a good duo. They fill each others gaps. Also, I prefer Sado's voice over Henry, but t...
In what way do you think Sado is superior to Henry? Personally, I feel Henry has more insight tactically and more knowledge overall due to his career as a player. Sado still succeeds to mess up his c...
Why do swedes hate immigrants?
That doesn't mean he is racist. He might be discriminating them, but he is not racist. You need to educate yourself on the difference between these terms. I am an immigrant myself, since I live in an...
Why do swedes hate immigrants?
Are you retarded? He never stated that his immigrant friends were from different races, you just assume that. Immigrants can be the same race as me or him and still bring nothing but destruction to a...
LOOOOL was waiting for someone to make this comment lmfao
Fnatic, and draws !
Those ranks were applied due to performances before the break. Out of all those teams, only faze succeeded to keep their form this major. Astralis is not even close to performing to their #3 rank, sam...
Just because its legal does not mean it is the right thing to do though. Davey is just acting like a pussy here
What a retard.
don't cry MAJ3R
ngiN fucked up as well, but it never should've come to a 1v1 like that if Majer and ngIn just sticked together with the bomb. 1 dies, the other trades and you win easy. But since Majer was CT and ngi...
don't cry MAJ3R
Doesnt matter, the fact alone that he was taking such a high risk so late in the game is retarded. He is so vulnerable in that position by being alone and so far away from his teammate/bomb is just ...
i need advice
Can you not read what he said? He literally told you to keep it for a while, since their value increases most likely. This means after the major, the price should go up.
don't cry MAJ3R
Majer fucked that up just as bad as ngin did lol