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+1 skin fade is litty
THORIN barely no tweets about EPICENTER
Gotta mention something when feeling insecure just to feel more comfortable with yourself
Adidas or Nike
lmao the visuals that come through when reading this.
math problum
You don't even need college education to learn that shit. That's high school math lmao
Eleague no crowd ?
I get your point, but production is more than just having reduced technical failures. When it comes to talent, stream quality, analysis, interviews, etc, Eleague is miles ahead of ESL imo. But that is...
Eleague no crowd ?
Besides that pause, the production has been great overall. Much better than ESL or any other.
rap album
Should be able to download it somewhere, just google it;) Its a good album
rap album
''Big Sean - I decided'' ''Jay Z - 4:44'' ''Rick Ross - Rather you than me'' I personally like this one quite a lot, even tho I barely listen to him.
Pro player you dislike for no reason
lmao, you are so clueless. And btw, I never said I was the one disliking people for no reason, so keep calling me out on things I never mentioned. Please go back to high school so you can learn how t...
Pro player you dislike for no reason
''people are jelly'' This is a reason for disliking someone, which this topic is not about. Also, you have no proof that the disliking person in fact is jealeous, you are just assuming this. The top...
Pro player you dislike for no reason
lol what are u on about Disliking a certain person has nothing to do with their income, their status or the self-belief of the person in question. You can even dislike a person while having literall...
New Dust 2 SUCKS
I literally said that banana and Nuke got changed in my original post lol, so idk why you point me out on that. Adding a few boxes or making things wider/removing things is not considered to be a chan...
New Dust 2 SUCKS
then tell me what was expected to change? Mirage only got visual updates Inferno only got visual updates, besides banana being wider Train was 90% based on visual updates The only real layout change ...
Shroud about csgo
That's subjective, you may think he is a bad streamer, but other people think he is good. Him having 30k viewers every day must mean something, a lot of people tend to enjoy his streams.
whats the point of clubbing?
''going to some shitty ass club listening to garbage music'' '' killing your liver and acting like a retarded monkey'' ''only legit reason would be single guys trying to fuck cheap hoes'' Completely ...