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FalleN apology to meyern when..?
To be honest I had started typing before you had made your reply so I didn't see it. You did make some more valid points as well and probably explained it better than me, I'm not normally the best whe...
FalleN apology to meyern when..?
meyern was the star player in Sharks and tbh I didn't get to see many of their games but I knew that jnt and their coach, coachi, they wanted to have their games revolve around meyern when he was on S...
100 +1 = Bald
What about 100 Thieves?
Giants vs x6tence
Playing in Iberia is their retirement home
Swedish Canadians vs Infinity
WolfY's half Swedish and half American but despite being from Sweden, HLTV gave him an American flag for some reason. Not sure if it was WolfY's request but if not, I hope they revert it like they did...
I r8 your superteam
JW flusha pronax olofmeister KRIMZ The greatest Swedish dynasty of all time
I rate your city
Bristol, UK
-dupreeh when?
Stew getting kicked soon
I'd like to see Lekr0 join an NA team, it'd be pretty cool seeing him on Liquid imo
Copenhagen Flames vs mousesports
NAVI 2010 vs CIS Streamers
Finally a proper showmatch, fuck the "showmatches" that the majors have.
100 Thieves
I still remember when Liazz was the star player for Athletico and Tainted Minds when they were the best team in Australia. He took over USTILO's role when he first joined Renegades and iirc he was a s...
Copenhagen Flames vs FaZe
Farlig to Astralis
WTF mibr again
That was an internal dispute against his ex-Giants teammate, KILLDREAM, who he played with on that team for almost a year.