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Extremum(Ex-100T) 4th & 5th
hAdji and bodyy I think would work good, especially with the experience bodyy had with G2 before. Though I think Liazz has been a support player for way too long, considering he was the star player an...
Extremum(Ex-100T) 4th & 5th
Probably CIS players because the org is Russian. Unless they're willing to spend big bucks, they can definitely buy out players from other teams. I'd definitely look towards players like dycha and Rad...
Mouz Anarkez
To be honest I thought that rigoN left because of his studies, flatroo also got kicked in July but sinnopsyy is still on Secret if that's who you meant.
going to bed guys
Ex-100T trio
We're probably going to be disappointed, because EXTREMUM is a Russian org who had most of the ex-QBF players at one point, they will probably end up signing CIS players. Hopefully that doesn't happen...
Tricked vs Fiat
Rip Fiat Punto
IT help
Ask Adamant IT, he's a beast at this sort of stuff
From Flashpoint interviews with YEKINDAR, he seems to speak English pretty well
stress is virus!
I'm in the same boat regarding colds. Literally I haven't been outside, not much fresh air at all in almost a week and just got myself a cold yesterday.
flameZ to OG? (Prob bait)
conoR deserves to be in a North American team man, he could be the first Irish player to play in NA
get_right overrated in cs:go
It was uncompetitive in the sense that NiP were able to win most of the tournaments at the time and had the 87-0 offline map win streak but VeryGames were also very much toe-to-toe with NiP at the tim...