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Best Roster Moves 2019
NiP +twist +plopski
"Boomer" As Insult
its a dismissive way of addressing someone born right after WWII who is making an argument that is out of touch with the modern world. example: a 70 year old man ranting about how young people nowad...
Worst Players on top1 team
1. TACO 2. Fifflaren 3. TaZ
Semmler wasn't bullied away what are you talking about? OWL signed him to a contract so he doesn't have any time to freelance cast csgo events anymore
100T Nadeshot "we want a championship winning caliber team"
wat do u mean? do u know how many asia minors this team as won...
allu, es3tag/cadiaN, ottoNd, smooya, Nifty
sunny interview
allu would be fine as support, did a good job on NiP back then.
best roster moves in csgo history
it was a good move, TACO had a limit on what he could do in game for a team, Stew changed that by being supportive and capable of huge individual plays as well as hyping up the team. Maybe not the bes...
Hearing Range
TenZ popularity
similarities to shroud: some insane clips showing potentially amazing aim young talent barely heard of before he started rekting pugs that being said hes not a good team player, like shroud.
Top 20 Players 2019 so far *Updated*
twistzz is very high tbh, should be around Ethan's place and Ethan should be much lower
Coolest real names of Pros
Braxton "swag" Pierce Justin "jks" Savage Richard "shox" Papillon Vincent "Brehze" Cayonte Robin "ropz" Kool Markus "Kjaerbye" Kjaerbye Tyler "Skadoodle" Latham
USA dominates sports
all EUs here and all they can talk about is soccer and irrelevant sports
Pros on zywoo or s1mple
coldzera got #1 in debut year too i think?