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C9 Collosus OMEGALUL
you said it would be the first time a player helped a team to win a major and then join them. xizt did that - lost to fnatic so many times in major finals and then joined fnatic
C9 Collosus OMEGALUL
Xizt and Fnatic?
Are you circumcised? It honestly doesn't sound like a big deal, and even less so if you aren't circumcised. I can't really think of a situation in which that would actually affect sex. If you're with ...
where exactly on ur penis is your urethral opening? if it's just below the head, probably not a big deal at all. but if it's like, on ur ballsack, then that's concerning
Yes, because Trump is better than him at those character flaws.
Faze Taco Could have been possible?
no bro
Won't the MIBR trio just play in a new org?
Because it’s idiotic. A teams performance is literally down to the players.
Won't the MIBR trio just play in a new org?
So the players fuck up... is the orgs fuck up and the players didnt actually fuck up.
New C9 in the ranking?
mens really talking about ranking the team when it got ONE player lmfaooooooo
they kept eating invites to good events that they had no place being in. thank god they aren't a team that just takes invites from teams like GODSENT just because they have a lot of fans.
cry more
Israel lockdown
I don't have an unhealthy obsession with Israel. But I don't at all like what they are doing in Palestine. I also don't like that the US sends so much money to them for defense. I also don't like that...
+boltz +felpera pls
Israel lockdown
...well this is a thread with Israel as the topic. why would he mention anything about north korea rn
GYM ???
diet will make a big difference.