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The best non-Danish, non-Serbian and non-Spanish user of this website. Tovarisch Sovietwide. Previous work place - GULAG. I'm Russian and I'm rushin'. Kremlin's emissary. The one and only original since 2001. Someday I will allow speaking Russian here, mark my words. Don't have a Twitter account, therefore I have nothing to do but write this nonsense here.
Forum posts
Accidentally. Restored
new hltv admins?
You should have misbehaved less to avoid the bans. Don't worry, no one "butthurts" about you. Otherwise, we would notice your ban history before... Thank you, by the way, one more violator is banned.
It all worked out
Finally a good love story with no damn green text!
hltv admins come here
Finally a good bait!
Co-op games
We liked playing Saints Row, Splinter Cell Blacklist, RAFT and Left 4 Dead 2, by the way.
Childhood games
Counter-Strike, Call of Duty 4 and 16 bit games on SEGA. "Wish we could turn back time, to the good old days" 😢
Tinder Girls
Yeah... Boys don't disappoint though
rate my jacket
And here you go, homie ;)
rate my jacket
Nice try, prokda
rate my jacket
I expected lockerboy though
HLTV in a nut shell
Thanks, all will be banned
vaping is gay
Yes. Though you can solve this by inhaling the steam right from your mate's mouth. You don't touch the phallic vape device so you're not gay.
Admins unfair
We can't track every single comment being posted and even a message you were replying could be missed (but we usually check the tree). Therefore we have the reports system: flag offensive comments as ...
Best haircut?
COLON for sure https://www.hltv.org/gallery/view/40285
admins i have a simple question
Any abusive behavior is prohibited, the posts you mention are not being banned simply because the moderators can't see all the comments and even all the threads that are being posted. But you can alwa...