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Edgelord inside. Retired shitposter. "Triggered little brat". I edit every single comment I make, can't help it. Someday I will allow speaking Russian here, mark my words. Over a 1000 ten-year bans given out on record. Don't have a Twitter account, therefore I have nothing to do but write this here.

Forgive me, mothers of the kids,
Whose accs could not survive my banning hits.

— Dimitrii, 2019
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where to go in russia
If you plan to visit Norilsk, note that this city is one of a kind, and Murmansk would be a cheaper and more similar to what life in other Russian cities looks like, yet with its own depressive specif...
Questions to Admins - What forum
I assume someone moved it because it was rather about "I've made an article" than *something about CS*
9 to 5 fantasy
It should be done within a few hours
9 to 5 fantasy
It will be updated soon
Malta 10 Fantasy
Fixed now.
If you encounter a banned IP, try to switch it reconnecting to the mobile network or restarting your router. That's the only solution we can suggest as of now, unfortunately
admins come
9to5 Fantasy??????????????
Unfortunately, right now it isn't possible
9to5 Fantasy??????????????
When a team is getting replaced, we do it accordingly with the prices. In this case, replacing cadiaN with sh1ro wouldn't be fair. I understand that this is not perfect, but this is the best we can ...
"Putin poisoned Navalny"
If so, you're free to think that it was a fact.
"Putin poisoned Navalny"
If you trust any claim that is made on the internet because you think that it was said like it was a fact, then I have bad news for you. Also, I guess there's something wrong with your sense of humor.
"Putin poisoned Navalny"
That Navalny is used for EU propaganda by Putin, just like I wrote. I think this claim is just as legitimate as others that were made here about his being someone puppet with some purpose
"Putin poisoned Navalny"
by Putin
Help! My steam account is about to get TERMINATED
Thanks for the explanation. It's a clever combination from scammers, but I really don't see how you can fall for this when it's literally written in your profile info that you're able to change...
Help! My steam account is about to get TERMINATED
So they hacked into account and were able to change the profile info?