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The best non-Danish, non-Serbian and non-Spanish user of this website. Tovarisch Sovietwide. Previous workplace - GULAG. I'm Russian and I'm rushin'. Kremlin's emissary. The one and only original since 2001. I edit every single comment I post, can't help it. Someday I will allow speaking Russian here, mark my words. Don't have a Twitter account, therefore I have nothing to do but write this here.
Forum posts
HLTV forums censorship
One day ban for the "stunna douchebag" thread is justified. If you want to discuss anyone, there's a lot of other words to use
Yes, it's a spam account that has been banned. If you spot anything else like this one, please let me know via site's PMs
It's a known issue, they will go away once the current match is over. Thank you for your attention anyway
[REAL TALK] Men of HLTV, why ? !
An average user of HLTV has over 300 women per year and earns €32000 in a month (BileDani or me, for example), don't understand what are you talking about.
CIS Awpers
Yeah, whining about using a simplified term that describes the region of ex-USSR countries for Ukraine and not caring about Guardian being considered as a part of this region in this post... It's just...
Isn't it obvious that this feature is firstly against spammers? Though yes, it should prevent people from abusing multiaccounts as well, but spam is the main problem here. And if you have a question...
How did i get banned for this?
If that is about reply spam (16-0, EZ4ENCE, etc), it is not welcome here anyway and you can get banned for this. If not, you can message me.
Co-op games
Thank you, guys, for the recommendations. I appreciate it!
Got banned
I was not the one who submitted this ban so I don't know the context.
Got banned
... in a thread with this text: "Thank you for picking big, they only lost because of you. Fucking moron." It's just pointless, could have been banned even without that "moron" word.
Got banned
The ban reason of your last ban is "Trolling (Shroud died)", but of course you think that the awful mods banned you for stating an opinion.
admins proving they are biased?
I have nothing to add to my previous response. The bias is only in your head.
draken, hltv fix it
The 23-year-old refers to twist, not to draken. But I got this bait too and got ashamed in the staff chat :/
Unbanned yay
You were banned for saying "bring back hitler" in relation to the statement about "Jewish problem". Yeah, literally nothing.
Dmitrii come
"If anyone actually has a question, it's easy to message me."