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The best non-Danish user of this website. Tovarisch Sovietwide. Previous workplace - GULAG. I'm Russian and I'm rushin'. Kremlin's emissary. The one and only original since 2001. Edgelord. Retired shitposter. "Triggered little brat". I edit every single comment I make, can't help it. Someday I will allow speaking Russian here, mark my words. Over a 1000 ten-year bans given out on record. Don't have a Twitter account, therefore I have nothing to do but write this here.

Forgive me, mothers of the kids,
Whose accs could not survive my banning hits.

— Dimitrii, 2019
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r8 ban
It was in response to the comment "arabs belong in their shitholes". What a surprising reason to get banned!
r8 ban
It was copied and pasted. It is considered to be a form of spam.
Should I go for IT degree?
If you feel like programming is really your thing, just go ahead and start learning and practicing. University won't make much sense if you're a motivated person, in this case, you could learn more yo...
Rate my ban
It was a copy & paste comment.
"Why hltv stuff just let 'china is asshole' 'Ching Chong' 'fuck China' this kind of stuff forever exist in the forum?" We don't tolerate this kind of misbehavior, but we can't remove it immediately a...
Progressive taxes are dumb
I think in regard to taxation we have to focus on minimizing the damage it has to the actual well-being of people. I think you would agree that someone who earns $1000 per month is much more sensitive...
hltv explain
Some IPs are banned, and, eventually, people get assigned to them when connected to the internet. When your IP will change, it will get back to normal. Try to reconnect to your mobile internet.
https://www.hltv.org/player/3459/kinqie + https://www.hltv.org/player/8462/BDSM = https://www.hltv.org/player/11326/kinkybdsm Those Icelandic players, though...
Political view?
Private discrimination is the form of freedom in libertarianism. Feel free to google it.
Political view?
Russian Libertarian
Monthly subscriptions you have?
Apple Music, iCloud Drive, VPN, and another security thing.
Yeah, but I still do that...
My fantasy broken
This is the issue the devs are familiar with. It should be fixed before the end of the event.
Economists come here
I'm not sure if I should be considered as an economist, but, in my opinion, government sucks at gaining profit for the people from any assets comparing to private agents. Therefore, if the money rece...
Are AMAs legal again?
If you have a decent reason to expect sensible questions, and if you answer them properly, it's okay. For most of the times, though, AMA is just an annoying tool that is used to bring attention with...