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tabseN : "I will join mousesports"
you made the claim, it's on you to provide evidence.
Your Country War
We lost to some fucking Emu's
OMG magisk doing it again
they weren't hacking
Are gays homosexual?
fuck that's a good line i'm using that on homophobes from now on ty poland
If NiP beat Astralis
I strongly doubt astralis could throw this but if they do i might as well profit off of my dissapointment
HenryG gay?
mate it's a fucking classic shut your cunt mouth
Tier 1 things in ur country
tier 1 cunts tier 1 slang tier 1 destruction of natural wonders tier 99 full-blown autist politicians
wikileaks new leak haha
his nickname
Device over Snax !!!
that's what I'm saying. my comment was sarcastic. Denmark has a lot of star players and a whole lot more good/great players.
Device over Snax !!!
yeah dude the danish scene totally doesn't have one of the deepest pools of highly talented players in CS:GO or anything. NT.
SK Gaming Hate
that's not passion that's full-blown autism in a shit-tier society
Trump - Hypocrite?
assassinate him as well i mean if you're going for the highest target there is why not pick off his sidekick along the way? hello NSA.
and then killed the natives of australia to do so good job ya used teabags
God save the entirely irrelevant monarch that has absolutely 0 power and is a leach on the economy of England, the entire royal family is purely a tourist attraction right now.
HAHAHAHAHHA british... protecting natives... that is the toppest of top keks