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Feudal Japanese military
1. Anyone caught in act of betrayal must be reported immediately

2. All ranks must follow their superior’s orders without delay unless the orders are act of betrayal

3. All ranks must bow to their superior’s as greeting unless a reasonable reason not to.

4. Low commoner’s low ranks or middle ranks unless from noble blood line must never look up to the face of a high noble unless given a special reason not to, failure to abide this rule will be exiled or executed

5. All members of the military must address others by their title/rank

6. In military activity, those who participate have all their actions prohibited unless given permission or ordered to take action.

7. All superiors must never abuse power unnecessarily.

8. Do not enter areas restricted on your ranks

-You are sitting in a social space within your institution. Describe, in minute detail, the types of people you can see around you.
-Things to assist: What they look like? What are they doing? What are they saying?

-What do you consider your greatest achievement? Being able to
-What is your idea of perfect happiness? Being in a place of Peace and Serenity
What is your current state of mind? Why am I in the military?
What is your favourite occupation? Traveling peacefully as a merchant.
What is your most treasured possession? A Head Band
What or who is the greatest love of your life? Little sister
What is your favourite journey?
What is your most marked characteristic? Pervert
-When and where were you the happiest? With little sister
-What is it that you most dislike? War, killing
What is your greatest fear? Dying
-What is your greatest extravagance? Looking at a drawing of little sister
-What living person you most despise? Little sisters childhood friend
What is your greatest Regret? Not good with decisions
-Which talent would you most like to have? being sneaky
Where would you like to live? Next to a Lake
What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery? Dying
What is the quality you most like in a man? Honesty
What is the quality you most like in a woman? Beauty
What is the trait you deplore in yourself? Honesty
What is the trait you deplore in others? Pervert
What do you most value in your friends? Helpful
Whose are your heroes in real life? None
Which living person do you most admire? Sister
What do you consider the most overrated virtue?
On what occasions do you lie? Never
Which words of phrases do you most overuse?
If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? Be Smarter
How would you like to die? Peacefully by a blossoming tree
If you were to die and come back as a person or thing, what do you think it would be? Himself
What is your motto?

How to describe what your character
-What they look like, Hair, Eyes ETC
-How they act
-How they speak
-Use adjectives Frail, Savage etc.
-Metaphor “Wild Animal
-Simile “Like” or “As”
-What are they wearing/equipped with
-What are they doing?

Understanding Story Arc
-Establishing the Norm
-Disruption of the Norm
-Chain of events that occur as a result of this disruption (also known as rising action)
-Climax of the story (The point of the chain of events leads to)
-Resolution/Establishment of the new norm
-Eureka moment- Finds out MC can time loop back in time each time MC falls unconscious
How? MC falls unconscious from getting involved with a conflict

-MC becomes enraged after feeling repeatedly useless with time loop and takes action

This story has been based by real people, but fictional events. Let’s say Another Dimension

while lining up in the front center of the crowd, i immediately thought this is the worst way to start the day, surrounded by the rigid crowd on the open green field, armed with swords, the rigid crowd lined up shoulder to shoulder awaiting orders from the man whose scared face looks like he’s experienced countless battles, and the word I hear over and over again to the point I would feel lost if our captain didn’t say it. “Attention!” it was the same loud roar to start off the early training. Captain's roar felt way to loud & clear, it was no different to a spell that resurrect's us from our fatigue. Immediately right after Captain's roar echoed throughout the field the rigid crowd posed themselves, straightening their whole body as a form of our military salute our movement synced as if all of us were a horde of shadows copying one figure, successfully completing the morning drill captain as always would give a satisfied look and the nod of acknowledgement openly showing he approves of our drill, even though I've been doing this drill for months my heart throbs just to make sure i don't mess up, he gives us unimaginable orders every time we fail, depending on who it is, he would even make us lick our swords clean, and trust me, because we train everyday our swords doesn't just taste like iron. “Noble is present!” The moment I heard captain’s loud voice, I frantically keeled down fast as i could, like a lizard it was fast and loud, even though I can’t see anything but my feet, I could tell everyone else kneeled the same way i did off from the deserted silence. The loud and clear voice from our captain made us react instinctively, it was because of all that extra harsh training we get when one guy failed to follow captains orders by a second of delay, that everyone else was forced to run the green field with him, after the extra harsh training, the poor guy who failed to follow the drill got into a brawl against the whole division, nobody wanted to be him, and i was that guy, out of many of course, well that wasn’t the only reason why we reacted instinctively, mainly the nobles... Anyone who looks up into the eyes of a noble receives severe punishment, they said the worst punishment is execution, this has been happening to the point that we commoners feel like Nobles are an existence equal to gods, with great wisdom and a figure of something so majestic we can't possibly ever imagine, just knowing a noble is over my head thrills me to the end of excitement. “Princess Iroha! Do you want something from me?" the captain asked casually.
‘Oh my god! Did the captain just say Princess’?! Knowing that the princess is right above my feet, my voided head was then boiled with questions, I was so dumbfounded I didn’t know what to do. all that was in my head was me wanting to sneak in a peak.
“I suggest you shouldn’t look” the faintly disgusted voice from my right, even though i can't see her, yes it's a her.. A her in a military! long story, this is (Character B’s name here) recalling when i first saw her, her was hair like the deep ocean, healthy and glimmering a sparkle that shined out her youth, it was weird looking at her because of the eyes that were bright blue like a sapphire gem and skin glowing pale white like the majestic moon from a midnight wedding hosted by gods up in heavens. The combination felt like looking at a Fallen Angel, Sometimes I wonder why she's in the military. “Stop reading my mind” i said hopelessly after realising it was a dumb idea. Character B's name here try's to avoid trouble for my sake, good friend you could say, but gets really annoying sometimes. After i responded hopelessly, she seemed satisfied looking at my now spiritless ambition. “Your face said it all” she said in a playful tone. usually women don’t train in the front lines. But she was given an exception based on her family's fame known for being exceptional at swordsmanship and her family background influence her to the military, but it's a waste to send her to the front lines, i pondered a hundredth time, even without that, she’s quite the beauty, “Did captain just say Princess Iroha?” The faint yet excited voice to my left (Character C’s name here) besides his personality, (Character C’s name here) is pretty smart and popular in our division, when we’re in trouble, we depend on him for advice. And also the second best in our division. “I want to see her” (Character C's name here) stated without hesitation “Pfft” I couldn’t help laughing after hearing how confident he is.
“Oi (Character C’s name here)! Don’t get cocky because you think you got a good face” and now the slightly loud voice on the far left beside (Character C’s name), (Character D’s name here) I guess you could say he en-lights the group, a really straight forward and honest guy, even though he messed up in the drills, no one touched him.

“If there’s a treasure over the wall, who wouldn’t climb it”? "You and your metaphors again, how about one where it doesn't sound like you're about to kill yourself?"

After our pointless chatter, Princess's Iroha Responded to captain after what seemed like she was silent, i assumed she was observing the kneeling crowd. “My farther ask me to watch your training, He told me I need the experience later on for the upcoming tournament”
“No wonder why you have your mask on, if that’s the case please engrave my training session to your heart’s content!”. Usually Captain would question things before given a reason, but when it comes to the nobles, he would wait obediently like how a dog would wait for their master's order, especially from the daughter of Masamune, our clan’s leader. “

In our training we did One on One spars, i was grouped up against Maru, One word to describe him would be a Brute, Maru's appearance is a perfect specimen to go up alone against a bear, He is roughly a head taller than me. and the build of a tank, he’s skin is tan with many muscular features, even though the first division never fought officially yet, He had many scars on he’s arms and hands. We where both two meters apart from each other but i feel like He was only a step closer. like a murderer, He’s eyes where emitting bloodlust like a savage bandit waiting for his prey. ‘Maru really is perfect for the front lines’ I thought inwardingly. This sense of eagerness to fight was probably from Princess’s Iroha’s presence, It’s a noble after all... Even i felt nervous, the feeling of being watched by a noble was like being watched by gods. "Start!” Captain’s loud roar echoed through the training field, everything was initially quiet. but just from Captains voice. everyone in the training field said in sync “Good luck!” because of a noble’s presence, more like talking to each other, we shouted through the whole training field, I was pretty sure other divisions heard it as well, after our voices disappeared we took our stance, Maru without fear charged towards me while at the same time roared vigorously with he’s eyes emitting more bloodlust the closer he got, the combination of himself rushing towards paralyse myself without second thought. after recovering from shock, i frantically put up my training weapon as fast as i could to block his incoming attack, but it was too late, Maru smashed his weapon together with mine, the vibration was too much, making the sword fly away from me, In training i would just spar to train my techniques we learnt from captain, win or loose, it was just my everyday training, but today was different, it was the first time i felt like i was going to die, while shaking in fear for my life, my legs couldn’t take my weight and keeled down with both hands on the ground, i could only see he’s feet and the floor. "Get Up" Unlike He's appearance Maru's voice was gentle like a father caring for he's child, without hesitation i got up again to continue the sparring session, Looking at Maru it was the most surprising sight I've seen today. Because i was blinded with he's intimidating eyes

Overwatch sens is either 4.117 or 4.12 converted to csgo <3

MC dresses up rediculesly and is seerious in a serious scene but looks dum

Celebrity goes for a secret walk cross path with MC while in a dire situation

Character meets of with another character in a embarrising situation but completely understands each other.

Mc cheers up yander "turn frown upsidedown" frown actually goes upsidedown

MC loves is very competitive and loves to train but is one day gifted or cursed with overwelhming power, he now inherited a monster blood.

Military Astronaut from the future crashes into a far away fantasy planet
with floating island

Story about a well known bored hero, but is anonymous because of a false reward after completing a task.

Uchi no Musume no Tame naraba, Ore wa Moshikashitara Maou mo Taoseru kamo Shirenai.
7/3 coral street brunswick west

(Looney choons
chaser: astronaut ma
runner: alien fe
setting another alien planet)
Goal, though it's a common race, astronaut wants to disect this percific alien.

Gag moment any story < quiz show, they answer questions in serious manner but false.

-World where sci and magic co-op
MC is a dullahan using a robot body

"In other words Until i die"

OP main character doing odd jobs
starting scene, mc accepts job from anonymous man, breaks into a prestigious home to cure the head lady of the house forcfully, he cures her when she fought mc was an assassin.
other scene
mc does hes own buisness when a noble boy comes to him for help (somehow got lost) showing a crest of a noble household, MC decides to play the role of a villian to make money kidnaping the boy

Super Solider but escaped from finding out the truth (Was brainwashed every month)

Japanese Military,
Heroine character B
Plays flute, goes on a journy to find MC after MC left for an adventure.

One about a Vampire who lust for blood of opposite gender, women hate him for it (in a way)

Slice of life story
MC lives me statistics and reality. Example Talks about relationships with statistics + reality (don't wait, go forward) kind of thing

Story about a Samurai Reincarnated to a fantasy world
MC's dream is to be the worlds strongest known swordsman, The current strongest is a woman.

About a evil ghost mc

Highschool karate club MC loves getting beat up to learn

MC kills enemy's wife. slowly.

The life in Date clan RJ roblox japan

MC breaks rules in another community.

Homeless MC lives in dump, seems inferior but is intelligent.

a noble women sf so good she only marries who is stronger, she is known to be strong af, mc is a unknown entity who is also stronger but af.

japanese military mc starts to rage when seeing a repeated scenrio of him being useless.

MC lost in a important sport event is furious famous idol heroine who mc endorses did not notice her when she came to greet him.

talks about personal intrest in banter, reppetition before everytiong ends
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