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fnatic vs Natus Vincere
It's heavy ct sided if ct's get their economy going early, if not it is very even
TSM vs Liquid
Still 12-15.... worst aimlocker in the world
Renegades vs Luminosity
I'll fix his post. This isn't LG choking This is azr showing everyone how a 1 man team works
Renegades vs Luminosity
He performed like a god in 1 tournament, and gets a godlike clutch every so often, he was never as good as people said he was. AZR has always been their best and most consistent rifler
Renegades vs Cloud9
He is a bit cocky and they have been pretty bad lately i agree, but that's aussie nature, how are you meant to succeed without confidence? The way we express our confidence comes across as cocky to th...
Renegades vs Cloud9
Remember when everyone was super hyped to see this matchup, but it never happened, and then now its happening and no one cares
Renegades vs Cloud9
Man you have it out for rng, every match thread i see you talking smack, did you lose heaps of skins to them once and now you are bitter?
Luminosity vs CLG Red
Inb4 female team makes playoffs and male team already out
Renegades vs Enemy
Are we still holding onto two draw that happened half a year ago? Man way to make us sound like losers
CLG vs Renegades
At the crowne invitational, brought it to 3 maps and lost last map 16-14.... and at the same tournament immunity rekt c9
CLG vs Renegades
Azr is a better aimer imo, jks best clutch on the team, but azr best raw aim
CLG vs Natus Vincere
Lol... you tried vs Liquid
Tbh they are my fave team, they have just been playing like shit lately vs Liquid
Renegades top 20 team? I would now ssy that if we are taking the last 3 months as examples... tier 100 the way that they have been playing tbh vs TSM
C9 out of groups at a major? I aren't think that