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Sorry to break your bubble but C9 just looks like trash right now. If you compare C9 in the major and C9 now, you can see the huge difference. Liquid is in decent form, but they're nothing special atm...
Unfair for SK!
saving strats ofc XD
Unfair for SK!
That's what SK fans said right after major.. and its been 2 weeks + 1 LAN, and still C9 > SK xD
SK Tired
Okay that's a good one.
SK fans logic
Maybe read comments?
SK "tired" and "standin" thats why they lost to C9!
Just like SK's 16-2 without a standin :)
SK "tired" and "standin" thats why they lost to C9!
So with your logic China should have a major win?
C9 makes me sad!
Except C9's best map is Train, and they're pretty good at Overpass. They're bad at Nuke Cache and Cobble, but 3 bans in b01 = ez for c9
Cloud9 deserves win?
All I read is "Hi I'm a Brit with no life and I have nothing else better to do than to bait people with an essay on HLTV heh heh.."
Cloud9 deserves win?
or ska not getting that last kill in A site inferno.
cloud9 tier 1
Lol they're definitely tier 1. Look at their previous LAN results (even before major). They're top 3/4, which is Tier 1.
cloud9 tier 1
+1. Consistently, Top 3/4 Team rn behind SK and FaZe
This major
Back when VP wasn't shit, you mean? :D
Deserved but biased?
Wasn't it the polish crowd that boo'd olof, and taz had to interrupt the interview to make them stop? LUL.
C9 = Gambit
With new lineup C9 1-0 SK in LAN xD